Policy Issues

The 22nd Amendment

Thoughts on repealing the 22nd Amendment


The personhood amendment
The policy of Plan B
Abortion issues since the 2012 election: Kentucky
Arkansas's new abortion laws
Abortion issues since the 2012 election: Indiana
Abortion issues since the 2012 election: Michigan
Liberal logic: Comparing fetuses to eagle eggs
Pro-life and fiscally conservative
Abortions are going down, not up
#Funfacts about abortions 
Abortions and you: Part 1
Abortions and you: Part 2


Subprime lending


Fox News and Benghazi


California fixes its budget
State of the states: Real growth in the economy
Passing a budget
Fiscal cliff showdown
Government spending
Mitt Romney's tax plan and lack of details
The claim of Barack Obama's spending inferno

Campaign finance reform

Michael Bloomberg changing Illinois's special election
Newt Gingrich's idea to get rid of the $2,500 campaign donation limit

Criminal Justice

Stop defending stop and frisk

Drone strikes

About Rand Paul's filibuster

Drug reform

Reducing criminal penalties for non-violent drug offenders
Personal use possession
Race in the drug war
The 911 Good Samaritan law
Barack Obama reviewing mandatory minimum sentences
Facts about drugs and those who use them
Pat Robertson favoring legalization of marijuana


The myth of meritocracy
Thoughts on the economy


Charter schools and the education reform movement
College tuition is getting more expensive


Energy and Newt Gingrich's energy plan

Gun control

Responding to a Facebook video of anti-gun politicians
The recall elections in Colorado
Closing the gunshow loophole and public opinion
Gun laws passed recently
How we talk about guns
Satire on gun control
Crime in Washington, DC
Talking about guns: Part 1
Talking about guns: Part 2
Talking about guns: Part 3
Talking about guns: Part 4
Obama's gun control plan
Trying to ban hands and feet
The NRA's impact on elections
Controversy and the NRA
Public opinion of gun control and the NRA
The history of the NRA


The Affordable Care Act and Dave Ramsey: Part 1
The Affordable Care Act and Dave Ramsey: Part 2
Healthcare innovation summit
Voting to repeal Obamacare
Treating patients with Medicare
Primer on Obamacare
Links about Obamacare being ruled constitutional
Trading freedom for government healthcare
Obamacare: What we do know
Obamacare: What we don't know


Memo on National Association of Realtors briefing
The affordability of housing memo

Immigration reform

Border enforcement
E-verify and why it is a bad idea
Immigration reform: addressing labor needs
Immigration reform: reuniting families
Immigration reform: green cards and DREAMers
Immigration reform: handling the 11 million undocumented immigrants
Immigration reform: verifying employment
Immigration reform: combating crime
Immigration reform: securing the border
Why immigration reform is not a political game changer
Hypothetical about Arizona's immigration law


Organizing in the South
Home care workers and Fair Labor Standards Act
Memo on committee hearing on unions and secret elections

LGBT Equality

LGBT discrimination in Arizona and Kansas
The Employee Non-discrimination Act
LGBT discrimination in the NFL
Same sex marriage and the will of the people
Abomination in the Bible
Log Cabin Republicans and CPAC
More Republicans supporting same sex marriage
LGBT Survey Data
Some Republicans support same sex marriage
Democratic Party supporting same sex marriage
Homophobia and the Bible
Barack Obama supports same sex marriage
The consequences of banning unions beside man and woman in marriage
North Carolina tries to ban same sex marriage

Minimum wage

Raising the minimum wage

Postal service reform

Legislative portfolio on postal service reform

Racial and Ethnic Equality

On discrimination of Muslims and Arabs

Sexual assault in the military

Efforts to combat sexual assault in the military

Small businesses

Defining a small business
Recycling Republican talking points on small businesses
Taxes on small businesses
Are small businesses job creators?


The changes in the STOCK Act


Background and information on Syria
Memo on Syria and the Syrian conflict


Progressive taxation
Update on payroll taxes
Payroll taxes are taxes, too

Voter ID

The first election with South Carolina's voter ID laws
More thoughts on voter ID laws
How voter ID laws impact elections


Testing those who receive welfare

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