Friday, July 3, 2015

The competition: Republican roster and costs

For the Republican nominees for the competition, you'll have $20 to spend on 6 candidates.  Remember you receive 9 points for a first place finish in a primary/caucus, 6 points for 2nd, 3 points for 3rd, and 1 point for 4th.  You lose 2 points when one of your candidates drops out and you lose two points if one of your candidates finishes last among declared candidates in a primary/caucus.  I'll update the list with the cost if any other candidate announces their intentions to run for the Presidency.


Jeb Bush: $8.00

Scott Walker: $7.50

Marco Rubio: $7.25

Ben Carson: $7

Mike Huckabee: $7

Rand Paul: $6.50

Donald Trump: $5

Ted Cruz: $4.50

Chris Christie: $3

Rick Perry: $2.50

Rick Santorum: $2.25

Carly Fiorina: $2

John Kasich: $1.50

Bobby Jindal: $1.25

Lindsey Graham: $1

George Pataki: $0.75

Sarah Palin: $0.50

Jim Gilmore: $0.50

Bob Ehrlich: $0.50

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