Thursday, May 7, 2015

Quick hits - some short thoughts on mostly Hillary and 2016

Can we stop referring to how candidates are doing in national polls?  We don't have national elections.  We have 50 individual statewide elections.  We especially don't have a national primary.  We have a primary system that is heavily focused on the early states.  No audience needs to know how Hillary Clinton will do against Ben Carson in a national poll.  It will give the impression of a fairly close election (because at the end of the day, the popular vote will be fairly close).

Fox News continues to be terrible, even in its online version.  In a recent post similar to this one, they stated that a recent poll shows Clinton in the lead for the general election.  This implied that she was not leading beforehand, yet every poll that has been released about the 2016 general election has shown her in the lead.

As a side note to that statement they said that there was a pollster questioning the validity of this recent poll.  Who is the pollster, Karl Rove?  The unskewed guy?  Seriously, what happened to him?  Anyway, literally every poll has shown her in the lead.  Are they questioning the validity of every poll?  This is going to be a fun election if Fox News doesn't believe in polling, again.

Fox News questions whether scandal will EVER stick to the Clintons. Yes, it's not like Bill Clinton was threatened with impeachment or anything.  Or has had multiple questions about Benghazi (even though there's not a scandal) or her e-mail server (yet silence on whether Colin Powell or Condoleeza Rice should turn over e-mails but I digress).

Fox News and other right-wing news outlets will claim that Hillary Clinton is flip-flopping on her stances about super PACs or dark money in politics.  Ahh yes, the charges of hypocrisy on someone seen as liberal.  We've never seen this before.  Unfortunately for Republicans, despite her stance that we should get rid of dark money in politics she has to get elected to be able to get rid of the money.  Unfortunately for all of us, the only way to get elected, especially as President, is to embrace this money.  But if we're really looking for hypocrisy maybe we could try on actual policy and legislation.  That would be journalism, though, so screw that.

I bout a few new board games to play including Legendary: A Marvel Deckbuilding Game, a game I've wanted for nearly a year.  I haven't got it to the table, yet.  I shall soon.  The other games are Arcana (a deckbuilding game) and Pixel Lincoln (also a deckbuilding game).

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