Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A more perfect voting guide

Sometimes people ask me who they should vote for and look at me quixotically when I don't give them an answer. I'm not sure who YOU should vote for. I am not sure what your values are or how you would even go about expressing these values in the form of voting.

Earlier this year, I was working on better know a politician sections to help people decide for which people they should vote.  Without a complete database, I'm not really sure how helpful that is, in retrospect.  Nevertheless, there WILL be A More Perfect Union voting guide (for statewide and federal elections) with issues that I feel are relevant to voting, politicians I am watching closely, politicians worth watching out for in the future, and controversial ballot measures.  The issues will more or less be discussed in op-ed format.   If there are particular issues where you are curious where a politician stands or that you feel are important, please let me know and I'll try to address them. If you feel that I am unfairly characterizing a position on an issue or the position of a politician, please let me know.

Additionally, there will be a list of elections that I am watching particularly closely.

Note: Statewide elections refer to state executives, primarily, focusing on politicians/ballot measures that the whole state will be voting on rather than state legislature voting.

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