Saturday, March 1, 2014

Better know a politician: Matt Moore

Name: Matt Moore

Political party: Democratic

State: Alaska

District: Alaska's At-Large Congressional District

Current position: N/A

Future position: Moore is running against Don Young for Alaska's At Large Congressional seat.

Previous position: Candidate, Alaska State House of Representatives, 2004, 2010
President, Basher Community Council, 2000-2004
Vice-President, Basher Community Council, 1998-2000

Previous election: N/A

Future election: See future position.

General election, Public Policy Polling

Don Young (R): 50%
Matt Moore (D): 22%
Other/Not sure: 28%


  • Wants to develop low-cost energy alternatives for Alaskan communities
  • Would like to invest federal dollars to these energy alternatives (wind, solar, and geothermal energy)
  • Would like to increase solar and wind power and see the United States use 30-40% renewable energy consumption
  • Invest in infrastructure to transport liquefied natural gas to the lower 48 or to other countries
  • Enact and enforce regulations prohibiting ships from dropping untreated waste into Arctic waters
  • Invest federal dollars in communities most affected by drilling
  • Protect Alaskan fisheries
  • Protect military installations in Alaska
  • Supports expanded prohibitions against workplace discrimination
  • Wants to expand affordable child care opportunities
  • Reform the way the military responds to sexual assault
  • Pro-choice
  • Expand programs in rural areas to help women who are suffering from domestic abuse
  • Work with the VA to develop and implement programs to combat suicides by veterans
  • Reform the VA to expand coverage to more veterans
  • Supports Obamacare
  • Would like to reform Medicare reimbursement to doctors so doctors don't turn away Medicare patients
  • Would like additional health care reform
  • Would like Medicare to be able to negotiate lower drug costs
  • Looks to Finland as an example for education
  • Would like to increase teacher pay, better trained, and the quality of teachers

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