Thursday, January 2, 2014

Problems and solutions

Too often, we, as a country, community, or a people, face a problem that we think requires a massive solution.  We are so intent on focusing on that massive solution, that we ignore any small solutions along the way.  But we don't stop there.  We focus on making sure that massive solution is absolutely perfect.  If it's not, hell, we just throw out the solution.  If the massive solution isn't absolutely perfect, then we give up.  All that time and energy that is wasted trying to find that perfect massive solution, instead of a series of smaller, versatile solutions.

Maybe we should focus on these smaller, versatile solutions.  This way we have a series of solutions to solve the problem, instead of an overarching solution that may create additional problems.  Implementing smaller solutions allow us to focus on the possible problems that arise from implementing these solutions.  This may be the way we need to think about a number of problems.

That's just an idea. I don't know.

Clearly, there are problems that may require massive solutions.  But couldn't they really just require a series of smaller solutions?

I don't know. It's highly probable that I am wrong.  But I don't know, I think we should just look at problems in a different manner than we are now.

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