Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Bold predictions for 2014

I'm just going to make a quick list of 14 predictions for the next year.  I'll explain why I came to these conclusions in a post for each of the predictions.

I'll start out with my boldest ones first:

1. Hillary Clinton will announce she is not running for President.

2. Paul Ryan will announce that he is not running for President.

3. The Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, will become a net positive for Democratic candidates running in 2014.

One that looked much more bold a few weeks ago:

4. The Democratic Party will not re-take the House of Representatives in 2014.

A few Senate predictions:

5. Mitch McConnell will lose his Senate seat in 2014. (I'm feeling less confident in this prediction every day.)

6. The TEA Party movement will largely lose its influence after the 2014 Senate elections including losses in Georgia and an inability to unseat Mitch McConnell.

A gubernatorial prediction:

7. John Kasich will be re-elected in Ohio.  This will continue the trend of Governors who agreed to expand Medicaid in their state to get re-elected.

A short list of the rest that I feel fairly confident in:

8. More stories will come out about Chris Christie, unseating him as the moderate favorite to become the Republican nominee.

9. A prominent politician will come out of the closet.

10. John Boehner will announce he is no longer interested in being the Speaker of the House.

11. The Democratic Party will win more votes than the Republican Party in the 2014 elections.  This will fuel claims that the Republican Party has gerrymandered districts to keep the control of the House of Representatives.

12. There will be a continued push by President Barack Obama for gun control, immigration reform, and raising the minimum wage before the 2014 mid-term elections.

13. A few political "outsiders" will announce their candidacies for President, fueling speculation as to whether we should have someone outside the normal realm of politics be President.

14. Marco Rubio will announce initial interest in running for President but ultimately decide not to run for President.

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