Friday, November 1, 2013

Democratic Presidential Power Rankings

Time to power rank for years in the future. Bam! So successful!

Again, I am not of the belief that Hillary Clinton will run in 2016.  I also take Elizabeth Warren at her word that she will not run.  Cory Booker is also on the list of people who have said that they will not run in 2016.  I believe him, as well.

He might be old and slightly crazy, but...
1. Joe Biden: I love crazy uncle Joe.  He allegedly told Cory Booker that he [Biden] was an honorary member of the Black Caucus, when he was in the Senate.  That's awesome.  If he was elected, we'd probably have Amtrak everywhere and Biden would be just as crazy as ever.  Biden has stayed out of the spotlight the last month or so, during the debt fights.  He has tried to be the new recruiter for Democratic hopeful candidates.  This indicates that Biden might be the head of the party, soon enough.  Biden has always been the liaison for the Obama administration and the Senate, and Biden has been the one to lobby Senators about sanctions in Iran.  Biden is also campaigning for a winner by choosing to help Terry McAuliffe in Virginia.  McAuliffe is likely to win the 2013 Virginia gubernatorial election by 5 or more points.

The boring choices
2. Martin O'Malley: O'Malley is quickly becoming one of my favorite choices as a Presidential candidate.  O'Malley's newest stops include advocating for policies such as the DREAM Act to help build the economy, not only in Maryland, but the United States, as a whole.  He is an ardent supporter of marriage equality and building a more inclusve society.  O'Malley will be criticized by the right for advocating issues that are so typically liberal.  O'Malley also announced an initiative to help put more zero-emission cars on the road by 2025.  O'Malley appeals to multiple aspects of the Democratic coalition and primary electorate.  If he can get his name recognition up, O'Malley provides a real threat.
3. Andrew Cuomo: Cuomo is a New York City Democrat, at this point.  What this means when I say it, is that he might be a progressive on particular social issues, such as marriage equality, gun control, pro-choice views, etc. but he holds a conservative view on fiscal issues, frequently siding with Wall Street or businesses.  This is not any new type of Democrat, but there are quite a few people like this.  There are some proxy wars over Cuomo's allegiance between labor and business.  Whatever side he chooses will hurt him when/if he runs for 2016.

Senators looking for a promotion
4. Mark Warner: Warner's biggest news is that he wants the Government Accountability Office (GAO) to study the fiscal impact of the shutdown.  I don't know. Browsing through Google News, a lot of people are holding Warner responsible for Obamacare.  Maybe he was one of the big supporters?  The successes of Obamacare will dictate how far Warner goes.
5. Kirsten Gillibrand: Besides being my Senatorial crush, Gillibrand has a glowing article about her in the National Journal.  One of the few news outlets frequently read on the Hill.  These types of articles will keep her in the spotlight if her biggest reform to sexual assault in the military doesn't do it.  She has been trying to court progressives since her appointment to the Senate.  Gillibrand has competely changed from what she was in the House to what she has become in the Senate.  While some support these moves, others might see it as flip-flopping or lacking conviction.  But she is, like Cuomo, a New York City Democrat or what others might call a Blue Dog.
6. Al Franken: If the Democratic party is going to turn to the left for the presidential primary, Franken might get bumped up more.  Franken has been a liberal hero for calling for more transparency and crusading for civil liberties that many of my allies believe are very important.  Franken has been a supporter of Obamacare but was never a supporter of the medical excise tax.  But Franken has not had much consideration for the White House.  It's possible that Franken will have a challenge to get re-elected in 2014 and that might deplete some of the political capital he has built up.
7. Sherrod Brown: Brown is another one who will benefit if there is really a shift away from the "blue dog Democrats".  Brown was very critical of banks and financial institutions in the past.  Many progressives on the labor front also believe heavily in Brown, such as Erik Loomis.  Brown has been an advocate for Obamacare and believes that ultimately it will succeed.  Brown brings the added benefit of being from Ohio, also known as the only state that matters.  Brown's latest bill helps to attract more veterans out of the unemployment line.  Everyone loves that.

In the running for vice-president 
8. Deval Patrick: Patrick has been talked about recently because of the role of Massachusetts when they developed their health care reform, known as Romneycare.  He has reminded people that there were glitches when Massachusetts first implemented their program.  As one of the successors to the governor's mansion, Patrick might be looked at, as someone who can talk about the effects of health care reform after the intitial reform is implemented.  Ultimately, Patrick might just be a vice-presidential pick by someone who wants more leadership credentials on their side.
9. Brian Schweitzer: Schweitzer has been rumored to be in the running for the 2016 presidential race.  He was the heavy favorite if he chose to run in Montana for Senate in 2014 but chose not to.  Being the former Governor of Montana, Schweitzer could likely be the difference in winning the midwest swing states and appeal to a Western strategy.  Schweitzer could appeal to voters in Montana, Iowa, Arizona, Colorado, among others.  If O'Malley ran, Schweitzer could likely be the vice-presidential choice.  Schweitzer is not an ideologue by any means, believing that MSNBC and Fox News both act like their hair is on fire.

The lottery ticket
10. Wendy Davis: Davis is currently just a state Senator in Texas, right now.  She announced that she will run in 2014 to be Governor of Texas.  I have no idea if she'll win, at this time.  It's likely that she will lose in 2014 but if she wins, it could be a turning point.  Davis got national name recognition for her filibuster in Texas and the recent ruling keeps her in the spotlight, a little longer.  Davis has hired Karin Johanson to help her win in 2014.  My guess is that Davis, if she wins Texas in 2014, will be mentioned frequently to run for President in 2016.  Most will see her as having a shot of turning Texas blue in a presidential election.  But they will likely overlook the fact of who she is running against, a right wing ideologue in Greg Abbot.  Davis's inclusion on the list will either make me look like a genius or an idiot.  

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