Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Better know a politician: Mike McFadden

Name: Mike McFadden

Political party: Republican

Current position: Lazard Middle Market co-CEO

Future position: McFadden is running for Senate in Minnesota in 2014

Future election: In order to run against incumbent Al Franken, McFadden would need to win the Republican primary in Minnesota

Polling numbers:
Public Policy Polling 10/31/13

Republican primary:
Jim Abeler: 12%
Julianne Ortman: 12%
Mike McFadden: 11%
Chris Dahlberg: 10%
Monti Moreno: 2%
Undecided: 53%

General election
Al Franken (D): 49
Mike McFadden (R): 38
Not sure: 13

On the issues
  • Generic Republican in the sense of belief that the government should be limited
  • Does not support No Child Left Behind
  • Wants education to be the centerpiece of his campaign
  • Believes that local governments should come up with goals in mind that they should reach
  • Does not believe in spending more money on education
  • May or may not support the Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill passed by the Senate
  • Wants to cut government spending
  • Believes illegal immigration can first be addressed by securing the borders
  • Believes in increasing visas for STEM
  • Believes that student loans should be tied to market rates
  • Does not support the Affordable Care Act but wants an actual solution before repealing it
  • Would like to see an expansion of background checks for gun purchases

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