Friday, October 4, 2013

Democratic Presidential Power Rankings

I honestly have no idea about this will go.  Elizabeth Warren has repeatedly said that she will not run for President and I honestly believe that Hillary Clinton will not run for President due to health concerns and her age.  Since my rankings are supposed to be a prediction for 2016, I am torn who to put in here.  So, in a shocking twist, both Warren and Clinton will not be included in the power rankings for awhile.  Cory Booker has also said he will not run in 2016, so he is not included, any longer.

The not feeling confident but I guess these are the front-runners
1. Martin O'Malley: O'Malley has picked an uncomfortable fight with the Mayor of Baltimore.  O'Malley has criticized the mayor for the spike in homicides, believing that more arrests will lead to fewer crimes.  Michael Bloomberg's ears started twitching as soon as he heard that.  I'm sure he would be willing to throw some money behind O'Malley's campaign.  O'Malley hosted an education reform summit.  This isn't that impressive but if O'Malley can get to the debates that is where he'll shine.  O'Malley's success can easily be measured and will give him a chance to gloat over the other candidates.  

2. Andrew Cuomo: Cuomo's new tax-cutting commission might rely on regressive taxation methods to be able to cut taxes.  Union leaders and business leaders will serve on the commission.  At the same time, Cuomo's job approval rating hits an all-time low.  Cuomo has greater name recognition than O'Malley, but it is unclear if he'll able to withstand a debate with some of the other people on this list.
3. Joe Biden: Biden was referred to as Joseph Biden in a Quinnipiac poll that I read.  That was the most bizarre thing, I've ever seen.  Biden is crazy Uncle Joe.  He went up to New Jersey to campaign for Cory Booker for Senate.  Biden went to Iowa, again.  This time he is making a big push for Obamacare in Iowa.  Nobody cares about Iowa except for presidential campaigns and Iowans.  Biden made a speech about Middle East interests and about how our commitment to Israel is unshakable.  People really only do these types of things when they're campaigning.    

Senators looking for a promotion
4. Kirsten Gillibrand: Gillibrand got some news for saying that the Republican party is behaving like a child about the government shutdown.  She also stated that she would not vote for any individual piecemeal funding bills because they are a gimmick.  She didn't say that the Republican party would pick winners and losers, a charge they've leveled at Barack Obama equating it to socialism.  Beyond the lazy analysis that people give that resembles tribalism politics, Gillibrand is actually trying to help women in the workplace.  So that could get women fired up to vote for her.  Finally, Gillibrand's biggest issue has not only gotten bipartisan support but is expected to gain even more support to change the way the military handles sexual assault investigations.
5. Mark Warner: Warner has been hypercritical of the government shutdown, calling it "stupidity on steroids."  He has sponsored a bill that would pay federal workers for their time during the government shutdown.  

6. Al Franken: Franken has announced that he will donate his salary to Second Harvest Food Bank throughout the government shutdown.  Franken has been getting some accolades from civil libertarians and privacy advocates because of his criticism of the new iPhone fingerprint security measures.  He also introduced a bill about Google Earth based on privacy concerns.  But Franken will face criticism if he decides to run.  He has been one of the leading Democrats in trying to repeal the medical excise tax that is called for in the Affordable Care Act.

7. Deval Patrick: Patrick has criticized the "radical right" for their failure to come through with a compromise for the government shutdown.  That will certainly fire up some of his base if he chooses to run.  He also outlined some of the effects of the government shutdown.  He also pulled the "God card", saying that he hopes God will forgive the Tea Party for causing the government shutdown.  Patrick recently signed a bill that would repeal the sales tax on technology services in Massachusetts.  As more of Silicon Valley gets politically inclined, Patrick might look as an intriguing candidate.  But the bill he is supporting to streamline public housing, might be in trouble.        

8. Sherrod Brown: Brown has joined others to refuse pay during the government shutdown.  It's a political move.  Refusing the pay would be a violation of the 27th Amendment but donating the salary to a charity would not be, so I imagine that's would come of it.  Brown was an advocate for the Affordable Care Act and was vocal as the state health insurance exchanges opened this week.

The others
9. Keith Ellison: Ellison is actually a Muslim, which would be hilarious to watch as Islamophobes would have a field day with him.  Ellison is one of the members of the Progressive Caucus and they fear that social insurance, such as social security will be put on the table in the debates over the government shutdown.  If Warren is serious when she says she will not run, Ellison might become a popular selection to run.
10. Rahm Emanuel: I think this is highly unlikely.  Emanuel's power has waned over the years.  He is not doing a particularly good job as mayor of Chicago.  He is trying to cut the city's deficit of $300 million.  So that will be interesting.  He has been criticized extensively for his attempts to change the Chicago Public Schools.  

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