Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Chris and Christie not Christie and Christie

Recently, a New Jersey judge ruled that the state must allow same-sex marriages.  The judge found that the current system of civil unions was unconstitutional.  Further, the judge found that the civil unions violated the New Jersey constitution and the equal protection guarantee of the United States Constitution.  Governor Chris Christie being the moderate that he is, has decided to appeal the decision.

The New Jersey State Legislature passed a law that would allow same-sex couples in New Jersey to marry but Christie decided to veto it.  He does believe that the will of the people if it came to a referendum or a ballot initiative.  Clearly, he does not believe in polls.

Christie has been positioning himself as a moderate to win New Jersey.  Let's fix that statement.  Christie has been positioning himself as a moderate to win New Jersey in a landslide.

Ideally, he uses the landslide victory in New Jersey to show some Republican voters that he can win typical blue states.  But at the same time, he cannot turn off Republican primary voters in Iowa and South Carolina.  It's not surprising that Christie is taking the company line of "moderate" Republicans.



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