Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tuesday Teddy's

Barack Obama has called for a United Nations resolution to make sure that Syria destroys its chemical weapons stockpile.  The United Nations, of course, is the one world government Revelations warns us about, so be careful.  But Obama was the anti-Christ. So I don't know.

Housing prices have been up and rose strongly in July.  Some say that housing prices may have peaked.  

Ted Cruz is happy to be the only one in his corner.  He should get used to it.  But at the same time, he is winning the adulation of Conservative activists.

Sexual assault has been an issue in the military.  Many people are calling for accountability with the military trying to protect women from sexual assault.

Mitch McConnell tries to put the spotlight of Obamacare on Red State Democrats.  I wonder what he'll focus on.  Do you think he'll focus on no pre-existing condition discrimination, removing caps the insurance company would pay, no recision, reduced government spending on emergency rooms and others, and other positives of Obamacare?  Or do you think he'll make up stuff to make it seem less popular?

Undocumented immigrants have begun coming back to the United States.  That's a good sign for our economy.  Usually, when the economy is stronger more undocumented immigration.

Cory Booker is not blowing out Steve Lonegran.  Booker is only up 12 points.  He is also over 50% with likely voters.  That's just a terrible headline.    

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