Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tuesday Teddy's

More news on this Tuesday...

If you were interested to see what climates will be most affected by climate change, here's a helpful map and accompanying article.

The Antarctic ice caps are melting at an unusually high rate.  If it continues to melt this fast, scientists warn that it would contribute to global sea level rise.  But I'm sure that it's not a real problem or that people are just making it up.

America has been overusing anti-biotics and all of those fun hand sanitizers way too much.  Now the CDC has evidence that we should halt this use.  Otherwise, 23,000 people per year will continue to die with nearly 2 million people per year getting anti-biotic resistant diseases each year.  We should probably stop pumping our food with anti-biotics, too.  

There are going to be new guidelines for longer lasting painkillers.  This makes perfect sense.  Painkiller overdose is the leading cause of accidental death in a number of states, including California.  Nationwide, overdosing on painkillers is the second leading cause of accidental death.

We've always known that bullying can give others psychological damage, but there's new evidence that suggests that bullying can lead some to physical damage, as well.  There are long-term lasting effects, too.  It's an interesting article.

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