Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Texas Two-Step

Senator Ted Cruz is just the worst type of politician.  Cruz has decided to speak about the defunding of Obamacare until he can no longer stand.  Of course around that time, he'll need health insurance to help him out.  Luckily for him, he is not one of the millions of Americans who do not have health insurance.

This is shameless self-promotion for the Junior Senator from Texas.  Cruz is filibustering a bill that he and fellow Conservatives urged the House to pass.  After the House of Representatives passed it, Cruz decided he did not want the Senate to vote on it anymore.  Even if the government is shutdown, Obamacare will still be funded.  Ted Cruz has a sad.

But then again, it's not like other prominent 2016 presidential hopefuls are filibustering things they agree on or have no effect on even if their filibuster is successful.  Oh, you mean that a filibuster like Rand Paul's can catapult someone into the national spotlight and be worth a few points in presidential polls?  By all means, do it.

I wonder.  While Senator Cruz has railed against Obamacare and how it is unworkable, I wonder how Texas has been affected by Obamacare since it was implemented.  Texas is 46th in state's rankings for health care systems.  Six million Texans are uninsured.  Governor Rick Perry declined the Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act, 1.5 million Texans will remain uninsured because of this decision.  But why, oh why, if it is so terrible that Texas has received $100 million in grants since the Affordable Care Act was passed?  Not only that but out of the 34 grants, 25 of them have already been spent or will expire soon.  I'm sure if Obamacare is defunded, Texas will pay back its grants they received.

Senator Cruz and staff have popularized the hash-tag for Twitter, #MakeDCListen.  The idea behind the hash-tag is because Washington, DC is out of touch with Americans and funding Obamacare is just the latest example of this.  Ted Cruz is well aware of this.  That's why with a majority or plurality of Americans supporting more gun control, Ted Cruz supports more gun control.  Oh.  No. He claimed he would filibuster any gun control bill.  That would be a true filibuster.  65% of Americans want taxes to be raised on those making $250,000 or more.  Surely, Cruz should listen to that overwhelming majority.  But Cruz believes we should have a flat tax, flat taxes in general are regressive compared to our sort of progressive tax system.  62% of Republicans and 82% of Democrats oppose cutting spending for social services, I'm sure Cruz will listen to them. But, no. Cruz doesn't want to listen to them.  He would like to cut spending as much as possible.

It seems that we should #MakeTedCruzListen, because after all, nearly 60% of Americans don't think we should defund Obamacare if it means shutting down the government.  While only 43% of people support Obamacare, 16% of the 54% who oppose it, oppose Obamacare because it is not liberal enough.  So #MakeTedCruzListen and ask him to end his ridiculous hypocrisy and shameless self-promotion.

The rest of the filibuster should just be him reading names from the primary states asking them to vote for him.  This is all about 2016 and nothing about what happens in the country.    


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