Monday, September 23, 2013

Monday Musings

We're just surprised Aaron Rodgers threw more than one interception against the Bengals...

Matthew Shepard who was murdered in Wyoming and became a symbol for those seeking to strengthen hate crime legislation based on sexual identity might not have been murdered because of his sexual identity.  I'm not really sure if this classifies as news.  According to the book's author and Fox News, that the robbers were strung out on a meth binge and that was the reason for the robbery and the beating that followed.  They met Shepard at a bar and he said that he was too drunk to drive home.  He also promised to give them drugs.  Shepard, according to the robbers, wanted to have sex with them in exchange for the drugs.  At this point, they decided to rob him instead.  The gruesome beating followed and Shepard died a few days later.  But, no worries.  It was definitely about drugs not sexual identity.

Is how much money you spend in an election a violation of free speech?  That's what is at stake in a case that will reach the Supreme Court.  But we're in a paradox.  Wealthy individuals can spend as much as they want in independent expenditures to super PACs and do not have to disclose who they are or how much they are giving through other methods.  Sadly, it might be a good idea to get rid of the contribution limits to a candidate to be more open.  I think that is more of a function of the court case of Citizens United than anything else.

The contraception mandate will be headed to the Supreme Court.  I hope it is upheld.  It'll be interesting when it gets overturned and abortions increase.  Take that pro-choicers trying to make it so my 8 year old girl is on birth control! You're killing babies!!!!!!1!111!

Apparently, there is a scandal in West Virginia involving a sheriff and those he is bringing in on drug charges.  Just more reasons to end the war on people doing drugs.

So, there's another mass shooting.  What does the NRA and Wayne LaPierre call for?  More armed security guards, more "good guys with guns", and let's focus on mental illness. But background checks for all gun sales or full funding for NICS to make sure people with mental illnesses are not getting guns is ridiculous.

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