Monday, September 16, 2013

Monday musings

All the news that is fit to post at 9:30 am Pacific Time.

There was a mass shooting in Washington, D.C.  The Navy Yard area of Washington, D.C. is close to Nationals Stadium.  So what will the fallout be?  The NRA will say that we can't politicize gun shootings.  There will be Republican commentators talking about how Washington, D.C. is dangerous because you can't have a gun there.  They'll say this despite the ruling in Heller v. D.C.  Initial reports indicated that an AR-15 was used.  So of course there will be conspiracy theorists who say that this is a false flag, because they learned that phrase the other day and want to use it.  There will probably be no talk of commercials telling people to get their AR-15's before the new regulations are in effect.  What regulations you ask? Nobody knows.

United Nations inspectors confirmed that chemical weapons were used in Syria.  This is not surprising as they were confirming this before the United States was willing to admit chemical weapons were used.  But CNN asks, since there is a resolution in place to take care of the chemical weapons in Syria.

Martha Coakley who lost to Scott Brown in an early indication of what was to come in 2010 has decided to announce that she will run for Massachusetts Governor in 2014.  She's pretty busy shaking hands and kissing babies in her idea to show that she is not aloof.

Joe Biden who endorsed same sex marriage in May of 2012 stands by his decision and says that same sex marriage is the civil rights issue of our day.   He also showed up in Iowa.  Everyone knows that there is no reason to go to Iowa unless you want to run for President.  He stoked some speculation that he would be running in 2016.

A California school district hires a firm to monitor social media sites to see about truancy, threats, bullying, and suicide attempts.  I would not be surprised if my friends at the American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California is involved in a way to stop this practice.  There are obvious concerns that a firm might abuse this power.  If there is an abuse, I bet you'll see the ACLU-SC get more involved.

Newt Gingrich writes for CNN saying that Vladimir Putin is Russian.  He, again, tries to show that he is the smartest person in the room.  If there is someone who has done more to make Republicans feel like they're just talking about facts, it's Gingrich.  


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