Tuesday, September 24, 2013


1. One of the series that I am working on is to do a better know a politician series to try and cover as many politicians who are currently serving, running for office, or are considered to be heavyweights in the political field.  This series will be a continued series that can be found in the "Better know a politician" tab located near the top of the page.  I will update each of the pages as I receive more information.  Some of the information that will be found there will be polls, accomplishments, issue positions, short biographical information, fundraising data, a legislative scorecard, and more.  The goal is to have as much information centered in one place as possible.

2. I have created a legislative scorecard to score all the members of the House of Representatives.  I selected bills that I thought accurately reflected points of view on various subjects.  I assigned points based on their action on the bill. If it was a bill that I thought was positive, the author and original co-sponsors would receive a score of +5, later co-sponsors would receive +3, if the bill was up for a vote a legislator would receive +1.  No votes are always recorded as 0.  If it is a negative bill, the scores are exactly opposite.

3. As you may have noted, there are new tabs to keep track of all of the writing that I have done.  They are centered around the general topic of the post.  The policy issues are some of the larger posts I've written. If you like it, good. If not, I don't care.

4. Some scheduling notes:
Monday: policy focused
Tuesday: Washington, DC news and more of what is happening that day or recent events
Wednesday: Polls and posts about various polls
Thursday: Better know a politician/better know a district
Friday: Presidential Power Rankings
Saturday: Policy focused
Sunday: Policy focused

The schedule of the posts will change as we get more into election season or what have you.  I also might change it if there is anything that is happening. But just thought I should keep everyone updated.

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