Friday, September 27, 2013

Friday filibusters

Where we talk until we're no longer able to stand....

If you're looking for a car to buy in 2014 and you care about unions, check out the United Autoworkers Union's list of union made cars.

Democrats and Barack Obama have gone out of their way to finally try to explain Obamacare to the general public.  People don't understand the law so they enjoy criticizing it.  But maybe this will end some of the criticism of Obamacare.

Maryland passed an assault weapons ban but gun rights advocates are trying to sue Maryland for wanting to ban 45 types of assault weapons.  Gun rights advocates believe that this infringes on their Second Amendment rights.  Oh goody.

State Senator Wendy Davis is likely announcing that she will be running for Governor of Texas in 2014.  A website emerged at that was started by someone affiliated with the Center for American Freedom that stated that Davis's only issue was abortions and that she was the candidate for late-term abortions.

According to Public Policy Polling, Ted Cruz is now the de facto leader of the Republican party.  It's amazing that the party that gets so upset about handing out participation ribbons has essentially giving Cruz a giant participation ribbon.  Cruz feels fantastic.            

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