Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday filibusters

Certainly, Conservatives and Republicans know that it is Halloween season by the advertisements that they are putting out there trying to scare people away from Obamacare. The more money that is spent by Republicans, the more I think Obamacare is going to work out fine.  Why else are you trying to spend so much money to convince me otherwise?

Ted Cruz had an interesting week.  He is described in this article as a cult leader wanting House Republicans to commit suicide.  Just a few days ago, he was accused of infiltrating the Republican party as a secret operative of the left intent on destroying the Republican party.  I can't wait for 2016 if Cruz runs.

Is it too late for me to say the whole debate about Obamacare and the government shutdown is a false flag for Syria?  Well, Syria began sending details of its chemical weapons program to the United Nations today.  So one of the two is a false flag operation.  Get with it people.

The school district of Pasadena, California decided to stop some of the authority and power of campus police on campus.  People are sick to their stomachs.  I mean, if you can't ruin students' lives by the time they're 18, who will? Gangs.  Arresting students is the only way to keep them out of prison.

One of the most expensive pieces of real estate is owned by the Veterans' Administration but not used for hospitalizing veterans.  Los Angeles has the most homeless veterans in the country, yet land specifically set aside for helping them is used to lease for hotel laundry, rental car companies, and more.  But it looks like we're getting closer to the Veterans' Administration to use their property to fulfill their mission.

The ACLU released nearly 2,000 reports of "suspicious activity."  Most of those who were reported as being suspicious were, wait for it, Muslims or Arab-Americans.  Good to know racism is dead, America.  Some of the suspicious activity included buying water, taking photographs, and a doctor who is unfriendly.  If it was reporting suspicious activity on Tea Party members or white citizens, I'm sure there would be more outrage.


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