Thursday, September 12, 2013

Friday Filibusters

Beside being the inspiration for my haircut, Jay Carney continues to be my hero for his sarcastic and jackasseque comments about various issues.  Carney responded to the Vladimir Putin op-ed by saying that there is a great irony because it shows the truly exceptional nature of the United States' freedom of expression.

California is trying its hardest to piss off conservatives by approving a measure that would raise minimum wage to $10 per hour by 2016.   Governor Jerry Brown has said that he will sign the bill.  Business lobbyists have argued that it would raise minimum wage too much too fast.  The president of the California Restaurant Association has said that the state's eateries would deal with labor costs by cutting hours and reducing hiring.

Florida pastor Terry Jones, famous for wanting to burn copies of the Koran, was arrested trying to burn 2,998 copies of the Koran.  Another interesting note, he organized an event in April in recognition of George Zimmerman.  So thoughtful, that Terry Jones.

D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray vetoed a bill that would raise minimum wage at some of the major retail stores.  Gray called the measure a job killer and said that the measure would not provide a real living wage to a majority of D.C. residents.  

During the annual AFL-CIO convention in Los Angeles, Richard Trumka, president of the AFL-CIO, called for changes in Obamacare.  He cited that multiemployer health plans overseen by unions be eligible for federal subsidies.  They also oppose a federal mandate that would require unions to pay $63 per member as a reinsurance fee. You have to respect a union that calls for changes without the outright repeal of a law.  You'll note that they stopped short of calling for a repeal.  Meanwhile, Politico asks 5 questions for labor unions and AFL-CIO about their criticisms of Obamacare.

Schools have to go through some of the struggles as they try to implement Common Core throughout the country.

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