Friday, September 27, 2013

Democratic Presidential Power Rankings

Because she's winning all of the polls
1. Hillary Clinton: Clinton's age is no longer the only issue preventing her from a chance to run in 2016.  People are raising questions about who Hillary has surrounded herself with.  The people running her campaign in 2008 were not spectacular and if she is serious about running in 2016 she needs to pick a better team.  Her friendships outside of politics are not that great, either.  The other question is when will Hillary decide.  The questions about her competence of picking her friends and her age, I think, will prevent her from running in 2016.

The other favorites
2. Elizabeth Warren: Warren might not be that great of a politician but she is doing a nice job of firing up the Democratic base.  She warns of danger in a case that will be up in the Supreme Court about campaign finance.  Warren is trying to fundraise for fellow Democrats.  She is doing a nice job.  This will be nice practice for 2016, if she decides to run.  It's also good to have people owe you favors.  

3. Joe Biden: Biden is doing his normal Vice-Presidential duties of touring places that the President doesn't want to visit.  He is visiting Colorado and assuring people that the government shutdown won't stop FEMA from helping out those who are being affected.  Biden has been stumping for gun control reforms; he praised Mayor Michael Bloomberg for gun control push.  Biden will get the support from Bloomberg, I presume.  Bloomberg wants to shake up politics.  It could be interesting.

The governors itching for more 
4. Martin O'Malley: O'Malley has some new things to crow about for his next debate with Rick Perry or whoever he faces.  The Center for American Progress ranks Maryland as the best state for women.  O'Malley wrote an op-ed about how Maryland is working for criminal justice.  This should be interesting, especially as the left grows disenchanted with some criminal justice reforms such as stop and frisk.  O'Malley hinted at running in 2016.    

5. Andrew Cuomo: Cuomo is starting to get more interesting.  Cuomo is trying to stop corruption in the state house for New York.  New York has long been one of the most corrupt state goverments in the country and Cuomo has an effort to try to halt that.  New York might legalize gambling which will not look good for Cuomo should he run in the general election in 2016.  Cuomo has an interesting idea to help stop distracted drivers.  He wants to put text stops on highways so that drivers can pull over and text.  

Senators looking to be promoted
6. Kirsten Gillibrand: Gillibrand's biggest issue in the Senate has been sexual assault in the military.  She has started to get more support for her sexual assault bill.  If she can get this passed, the way she wants, especially with bipartisan support, it will be a feather in her cap in her run.  She has also been an advocate for those who are having their flood damage claims rejected by FEMA.  These are not issues being picked up by the majority of legislators.  

7. Mark Warner:: Warner was critical of Cruz's debacle on the Senate floor.  Warner wants a legitimate debate on the good and bad of the Affordable Care Act.  Warner has been even more critical of the lack of a compromise between Republicans and Democrats.

The young guy:  
8. Cory Booker: Booker flirted with a stripper via Twitter.  That might stop some of the gay rumors that have circulated around Booker.  Booker is only leading by about 12 points in his Senate race.  Booker needs a decisive victory in the special election and needs to have a clear legislative agenda if he wants to run in 2016.  But he might want to stop flirting with strippers if he wants to run for President.

The out of left field choices   
9. Sherrod Brown: Brown is an odd choice.  Some on the left like Erik Loomis want Brown to run in 2016 because Warren might not have the political chops, it is unclear if Brown does either.  Brown is trying to ban e-cigarettes from being sold to minors.  Apparently, it is controversial.  He wanted to extend the power of the Food and Drug Administration.  Brown does not support defunding Obamacare, obviously.

10. Al Franken: Franken is a favorite of the left and of civil libertarians.  His biggest issue now is the use of fingerprint scanners on the new iPhone.  This will earn him even more respect from the civil libertarian area of the left.  But, of course, most people assume that the civil libertarians are only on the right.  Franken is a good speaker and can debate with the best of them.  Franken can get a lot of support, it's just really whether he wants to run.  

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