Friday, September 20, 2013

Democratic Presidential Power Rankings

The Favorite

1. Hillary Clinton: Clinton is still the heavy favorite to be the Democratic nominee.  Clinton is the favorite among New Hampshire primary voters, by over 40 points.  Clinton beats almost everyone everywhere in head to head matchups.  Clinton, like she does everytime, was silent on whether she would run in 2016.  The looming specter over Hillary is, of course, BENGHAZI! and Darrell Issa has said that he can call Hillary back to testify, if he so chooses.

Still rising

2. Elizabeth Warren: Warren is rising polling only 1% below Biden in the newest New Hampshire poll.  Warren is getting more popular especially since JP Morgan was fined close to $1 billion because of the most recent trading scandal.  She is still getting a lot of praise about her speech at the AFL-CIO and her criticism of the Supreme Court.  The National Review's editor has attacked Warren for her speech and will likely continue.  What it comes off as is a recognition of a threat.

Crazy Uncle Joe
3. Joe Biden: Biden has a much higher name recognition than the rest of the Democratic presidential fields.  He has recently visited Colorado to view the flood damage and has been sent to Mexico for economic talks.  Biden visited Iowa.  I think we discussed this last week.  Whatever. If Biden ran for 2016, The Onion would love Biden.

The non-favorite favorites
4. Martin O'Malley: O'Malley recently visited New Hampshire.  He definitely needs the name recognition as he finished with 0% of the New Hampshire primary votes.  O'Malley recently debated Rick Perry on Crossfire and much like 2011, he kicked his ass. O'Malley is ready for the prime time debates.  The question is are we going to be ready for a relative unknown to win a major party's primary?  If he continues the work and ideals that he lays out in this op-ed, he will win, handily.  

5. Cory Booker: Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel went up to New Jersey to stump for Democratic Senate candidate Cory Booker.  This is not surprising.  You'd be hard-pressed to be able to tell the difference between Booker and Emanuel if you just look at their policies.  Steve Lonegan, Republican Senate candidate, tried to show that Booker would failed Newark but supporters of Booker drowned him out with shouting.    

6. Andrew Cuomo: Cuomo is still a rather boring choice.  But he has been a governor, so he has that experience in his favor.  He is trying to strip corrupt politicians from receiving their pensions.  Nobody believes that politicians deserve their pensions, anyway, so this will be a popular discussion.  Cuomo didn't think much of the Republican attempt to defund Obamacare.  Cuomo believes that the state exchange that will open on October 1, will survive the fight.  

Senators looking for a promotion
7. Kirsten Gillibrand: Gillibrand played games on the lawn to help raise awareness for funding of early child education and to get back to education reforms Barack Obama talked about in the State of the Union.  There has been some reports that show that early childhood education can cost more than college in some places.  She also slammed the House for cutting nearly $40 billion from SNAP, saying that the current safety net was inadequate.
8. Mark Warner: Warner who has been used to keeping his mouth shut about a number of issues finally lashed out.  I had to move Warner up after seeing and reading this.  Warner was critical of the economic "experts" from the CATO institute and lawmakers who wouldn't raise taxes, no matter what.  He believes that it is "mind-boggling" that playing with the debt limit is good policy.  He also thinks we should budge on the 18% revenue of GDP being taxed because, well, look at history.

The faller
9. Julian Castro: Castro attended the steak fry in Iowa with Joe Biden.  Anytime that someone visits Iowa, there is speculation that he or she will run for President.  Julian Castro decided to stop those rumors.  He announced that he would not run for anything.  Castro also had a really good interview with the Washington Post recently.  The Washington Times reports that there are conservative and Christian grassroots organizations working to recall Julian Castro over employees not being allowed to discriminate based on sexual identity.  Christians are saying that the non-discrimination law discriminates against Christians.  I mean what's more Christian than not loving your neighbor?    

The No Chance in hell
10. Brian Schweitzer: I don't think Schweitzer has a real shot.  He would be attacked because of his comments about Obamacare.  If Obamacare is as successful as many people suggest, then Schweitzer will look like an idiot.  Schweitzer is popular in Montana but he declined an opportunity to run for the Senate in 2014.  It is likely that he will not seek any political office over the next few years.

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