Friday, September 13, 2013

Democratic Presidential Power Rankings

The favorite:

1. Hillary Clinton: Former first lady and former Secretary of State, she has the experience, name recognition, and fundraising ties ready to launch another presidential campaign if she so chooses.  Right now, her biggest problem is her age.  Even though, there has been talk about her bumbling of the BENGHAZI! scandal, her biggest liability is that she would be older than almost all of the first-term presidents.  She has also had some health problems in the last year or so, including her concussion.  Hillary has also come out in support of the Obama administration's proposal for Syria strikes.  Despite her favorable name recognition, this has not swayed many non-supporters of military strikes in Syria.  Another liability could be the move in the Democratic party to move toward the left and end the Clinton style Democrats that have been increasingly popular.  I'm not ready to buy into that logic, yet.  I'm also not ready to say Hillary will be the Democratic nominee in 2016.  Yet.

The Onion's Favorite:

2. Joe Biden: Biden is the current vice-president, The Onion's favorite punching bag, and no stranger to running for President.  Beside Hillary Clinton, Biden is one of the few Democrats with national name recognition and experience to boot.  Biden has been the Congressional liason for the Obama administration.  During the gun control debate, Biden was the one who met with Senate and Congressional leaders to talk about gun control.  Now Biden is the one who has been talking to members of Congress about military authorization in Congress.  These type of meetings are ones that are showing Biden's leadership qualities.  Biden has stated that he is not ruling out running in 2016.  Biden may have angered more conservative Democrats by stating that he would like to see Janet Napolitano on the Supreme Court.

The rise of the new Left:

3. Elizabeth Warren: If you read that article by The Daily Beast that I linked to in the Hillary Clinton section, you'd know that the author of that article seems to think Warren running as the Democratic nominee is a foregone conclusion.  This is a common thought among most of the Beltway.  Currently, Warren is 64 years old, she will be 66 or 67 by the time 2016 rolls around.  She would be one of the oldest first-term presidents in history.  Warren has been a hero for the new left, as they move away from the Clinton style Democrats.  She has called Congress out for not implementing the Glass-Steagall Act and would like to end the "too big to fail" financial institutions that we currently have. Even more, she has called the United States Supreme Court too far right and that they serve the interest of corporate America.  All of these things play really well to the further left members of the Democratic party.

The Neo-Liberal Rockstars:

4. Cory Booker: Booker is the current mayor of Newark and heavy favorite to win the Senate special election to fill in former Senator Frank Lautenberg's seat.  Booker has been criticized by the Left for his mediawhoring and the fact that he has been a supporter of Wall Street and mainly to the right of Barack Obama.  Recently, Booker has tried to shore up support on the Left as he has been skeptical of military action in Syria, asked for Wall Street executives to go to jail, and legalize medical marijuana.  Booker has been a celebrity before he was a politician.  His book claims that we need to move on from partisanship and forge a new politics.  Rand Paul has criticized Booker for making up some of his anecdotes because he doesn't focus on real problems.  Paul is probably too busy filibustering a position he agrees with.  You know, real problems.  Booker has denied that he is interested in running in 2016 although the pressure of the media might be too much for Booker to pass up.

5. Julian Castro: Castro is the current mayor of San Antonio and was the keynote speaker at the Democratic National Convention in 2012.  Castro lacks the experience seen by many to be needed in order to run for President.  Castro could potentially run for either Governor or Senator from Texas in 2014.  A few years at either of those positions would certainly help him.  If Castro was to run, he might find some support from Senator Tom Harkin in Iowa for the Iowa caucus.  Harkin believes that Castro is an up and coming star in the Democratic party.  Recently, Castro was able to score a major victory by ensuring that gays and lesbians could not be discriminated against in San Antonio.  Castro needs to gain more experience prior to 2016 to run.  Castro is a fiscal conservative so it is possible that if the new left rises up, he will be left in the dark.

The Boring Choices:

6. Andrew Cuomo: Cuomo is the current governor of New York and in most polls about 2016 finishes behind both Hillary and Biden but ahead of most others for the Democratic nominee.  The Chief of Staff in my Congressional office said that she told her mom that would you rather have Hillary or some boring choice like Andrew Cuomo in 2016.  Cuomo was criticized by many on the right but got some support from the left for trying to implement stricter gun control laws in New York.  Cuomo has also been a big advocate for green energy.  All of these things will help with Democratic primary voters.  Just to get more liberal street cred, he blasted Michael Bloomberg for calling Bill DeBlasio's campaign racist.  Cuomo decided not to endorse any candidate but he did praise DeBlasio for some of what he was doing.  DeBlasio was considered to be the most liberal candidate in the New York City mayoral primary.

7. Martin O'Malley: O'Malley is the current Governor of Maryland and has been mentioned as a potential presidential candidate for a year or so now.  O'Malley was part of the Barack Obama surrogacy team before the 2012 election.  His name recognition is not the strongest right now, but he is still a skillful speaker and campaigner.  He also has a bit of a mean streak.  He had a rivalry with Bob McDonnell, governor of Virginia, because O'Malley was the leader of the Democratic Governor's Association and McDonnell, the Republican Governor's Association.  O'Malley stated that he debated Rick Perry once and he kicked his ass, so Perry hasn't been back for more.  O'Malley has been critical of Rick Perry who is trying to poach jobs from other states.  O'Malley will be campaigning in four different states for four different candidates in an effort to help them and to also build a nationwide network for a potential 2016 presidential bid.

8. Deval Patrick: Patrick is the current Governor of Massachusetts.  He received some boost in his name recognition after the Boston Marathon bombings and he gave a speech.  A lot of Massachusetites thought Patrick did a fine job holding the state together during the crisis.  Apparently, Patrick has written a few letters to Obama asking for the delay of portions of Obamacare that may costly to the state.  Patrick is heading to Canada, or may already be there, for a conference on alternative energy.

Senators looking for a promotion:

9. Kirsten Gillibrand: She is one of the two Senators from New York.  Her greatest legislative accomplishment is a military sexual assault bill that is stalled, right now, because of Syria.  Most of the other interns that I met while I was in DC worked for Gillibrand's office.  Combined with the fact that my office was also working  on sexual assault bills, I have now heard all I would like to hear about sexual assault in the military.  This bill was also what put Gillibrand on the map nationally.  There was some talk about her running for President in 2016 prior to this but after the bill, the talk got louder.  Some people have suggested since we have had our first black President, we need to elect our first female President, so the choices are mainly on this list.  Politics might be changing in the next three years and Gillibrand could be the face of the new changing political landscape.

10. Mark Warner: Warner is the Senior Senator from Virginia.  Warner is a clear Clinton style Democrat.  He has been a "radical centrist" throughout his tenure as Senator.  If we really are moving left in the Democratic electorate, Warner does not have a good chance to survive in 2016.  Warner has been able to talk out of two sides of his mouth at all times.  This has helped him carefully cultivate his image. He will likely get re-elected in 2014 because of these types of actions but could harm him in a national election.  Warner will be able to tout some of his legislative accomplishments which is something Hillary can't do, Joe Biden may struggle to do so, among others.  If Warner is able to renovate Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae like he aims to do, his accomplishments will shine even brighter.

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