Monday, September 30, 2013

Better know a politician: Terry McAuliffe

Name: Terry McAuliffe

Political party: Democratic (D)

State: Virginia

Current position: unclear

Previous position(s):
Co-chairman of Bill Clinton's Re-election Campaign, 1996
Chairman of the Democratic National Committee 2001-2005
Chairman of Hillary Clinton's 2008 presidential campaign

Future position: McAuliffe has announced that he is running in the 2013 Virginia gubernatorial election. He will be facing Ken Cuccinelli in the general election.

Polling results:
Public Policy Polling, July 17, 2013

Favorable: 34%
Unfavorable: 36%
Not sure: 30%

Terry McAuliffe (D): 41%
Ken Cuccinelli: 37%
Robert Sarvis (L): 7%
Undecided: 15%

  • Received an F from the National Rifle Association
  • Stated he would not sign a budget unless it included the Medicaid expansion of the Affordable Care Act
  • Supports civil unions for same sex couples
  • Supports creation of wind farms and creation of more clean energy jobs
  • Supports an increased limit on investment tax credits from $5 million to $6-7.5 million
  • Create the Virginia Biotech Startup Program
  • Provide interview services and resume assistance for veterans
  • Increase funding in Virginia's public education
  • Increase funding for community colleges and public universities
  • Provide more autonomy for colleges to help lower tuition costs
  • Pro-choice
  • Would reform the Standards of Learning Tests
  • Supports operations of Virginia's ports
  • Work with tourism groups to create more revenue for Virginia and more jobs
  • Supports rail infrastructure in Virginia
  • Move away from standardized tests for students, if possible
  • Promoting K-12 STEM education
  • Increase resources for Crisis Intervention Training
  • Establish community base care systems for people with severe mental disabilities

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