Thursday, September 26, 2013

Better know a politician: Martha Coakley

Name: Martha Coakley

Political Party: Democratic (D)

Current position: Attorney General

State: Massachusetts

Tenure: 2007-present

Previous position: District Attorney of Middlesex County, 1999-2007
Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate in Massachusetts, 2010

Future position: Coakley has announced that she plans to seek the nomination for the Democratic party in the 2014 Massachusetts gubernatorial election

Previous election: 2010, Massachusetts General Election, Attorney General
Martha Coakley (D): 63%
Jim McKenna (R): 37%

2010, Massachusetts Special Election, U.S. Senate
Scott Brown (R): 52%
Martha Coakley: 47%

Future election: Coakley is seen as the presumptive favorite to be the Democratic nominee in the 2014 election.  Other Democratic candidates have either decided not to run or do not have the name recognition to  compete.

Polling results:
Public Policy Polling, September 24, 2013

Favorable: 49%
Unfavorable: 38%
Not sure: 13%

Martha Coakley (D): 51%
Charlie Baker (R): 38%
Not sure: 11%


  • Support of buffer zone laws, requiring a 35 foot buffer zone at the entrance for reproductive health care service providers who provide abortions
  • Worked with Apple, Inc. to make sure iTunes software complied with ADA rules and guidelines
  • Argued in Melendez-Diaz v. Massachusetts that it was not a violation of the Sixth Amendment of the Constitution to submit a chemical drug test report without the testimony of the one who administered the test
  • Challenged the constitutionality of DOMA
  • Brought lawsuits against Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs after the financial crisis
  • Helped start a cyber forensics lab
  • Worked with other states and leading social media sites Facebook and MySpace to establish age verification 
  • Lobbied for enhanced penalties for sexual predators
  • Supports a law that establishes human trafficking as a crime in Massachusetts
  • Worked with other states to establish the EPA to regulate greenhouse gases
  • Helped draft a law that tries to regulate obscenity on the internet that was later overturned based on First Amendment grounds

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