Monday, September 16, 2013

Better know a politician: Greg Abbott

Name: Greg Abbott

Political Party: Republican (R)

Current position: Attorney General

State: Texas

Tenure: 2002-present

Previous position: Associate Justice of the Texas Supreme Court, 1995-2001

Previous election: 2010, Attorney General election
Greg Abbott (R): 64%
Barbara Ann Radnofsky (D): 34%

Future position: Abbott has announced that he will seek the Governorship of Texas in the 2014 Texas gubernatorial election.  Since there is no other Republican candidate who has announced their candidacy, Abbott seems to be the favorite.

Polling results: Public Policy Polling, July 2, 2013

Favorable: 32%
Unfavorable: 26%
Not sure: 43%

Greg Abbott (R): 48%
Julian Castro (D): 34%
Not sure: 18%

Greg Abbott (R): 48%
Wendy Davis (D): 40%
Not sure: 12%

Greg Abbott (R): 50%
Annise Parker (D): 31%
Not sure: 20%

Greg Abbott (R): 48%
Bill White (D): 36%
Not sure: 16%


  • Described his job as going to work, suing Obama and going home
  • Sued Sony BMG for illegal spyware; claiming that spyware was installed without consent from individuals
  • Defended the Ten Commandments monument on Texas State Capitol grounds in the Supreme Court
  • Filed a lawsuit against Obamacare on the day it was signed
  • Believes that Obamacare illegally seizes the states' Medicaid systems
  • Championed District of Columbia v. Heller
  • Wants to challenge federal laws that limit gun rights
  • First attorney general to believe that the United Nations would regulate guns in America and wants to challenge the efforts of the Obama administration to agree to the treaty.
  • Member of the National Rifle Association
  • Defended the words "under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance
  • Defended prayer at the presidential inauguration
  • Supports the Open Meetings Act
  • Pursued stricter oversight of public pension funds
  • Wants to prohibit fund trustees and managers from working for companies with boards 
  • Defended Texas against regulations that the EPA wants to implement
  • Abbott believes that the EPA is a runaway federal agency and needs to be reined in
  • Believes that voter fraud is real; filed an amicus brief with Shelby County in the Supreme Court case, Shelby County v. Holder
  • The same day that the Supreme Court ruled on Shelby County v. Holder, he announced that Texas would implement their voter ID law.
  • Launched the Cyber Crimes and Fugitive units in 2003
  • Worked to prevent natural disaster scams, such as price gouging and fake charity solicitations
  • Filed 27 lawsuits against the Obama administration
  • Believes that Texas's greatest freedom is found in the 10th Amendment in the Constitution
  • Has tried to end human trafficking

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