Sunday, September 15, 2013

Better know a politician: Gina Raimondo

Name: Gina Raimondo

Current position: General Treasurer

Political party: Democratic

State: Rhode Island

Previous position: Venture capitalist

Future position: Raimondo is considered by some to be a favorite to run for the Governor's mansion in Rhode Island.  With Governor Lincoln Chafee announcing that he will not seek re-election in 2014, people have been floating Raimondo with regularity now.

Previous election: General Treasurer: Gina Raimondo (D): 62% Kernan King (R): 38%

Future election: While Raimondo has not announced whether or not she will be running in 2014 in the gubernatorial election, it seems likely that she will seek the Democratic nomination in the gubernatorial primary.

Polling results:

Public Policy Poling, 01/31/13

Favorability: 57
Unfavorability: 21
Not sure: 22

Gina Raimondo (D): 46%
Allan Fung (R): 27%
Ken Block (Moderate party): 12%
Not sure: 14%

Gina Raimondo: 44%
Angel Taveras (D): 35%
Ernie Almonte (D): 9%
Not sure: 13%

While a lot of her positions are not known publicly, at this time, there will be a section for her for her biggest accomplishments as treasurer for Rhode Island.

Biggest accomplishments:

1. Raimondo's biggest accomplishment has been her effort to return Rhode Island's pension system.  Rhode Island's state administered public employee pension system was funded 48% in 2010.  Raimondo talked to the state retirement board about reducing the state's return on pension investments from 8.25% to 7.5%.  Raimondo released a report showing the coming pension problems.  She raised public support for pension reform.  The state assembly enacted the Rhode Island Retirement Security Act (RIRSA).  There was large support for RIRSA and continues to be supported by a plurality of Rhode Islandites.

2. The creation of the Ocean State Investment Pool, a low-cost investment vehicle to help the state and municipalities better manage and improve the investment performance for liquid assets, which are used for day to day operations, payroll and operating expenses.

3. Raimondo reviewed the state's bond disclosure practices and updated the information and related bond disclosure for future bond offerings.

4. Raimondo also led the charge for a decrease in the maximum allowable interest rates on payday loans in Rhode Island.

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