Monday, September 30, 2013

Better know a politician: Cory Booker

Name: Cory Booker

Political party: Democratic (D)

State: New Jersey

Current position: Mayor of Newark

Tenure: 2006-present

Previous position(s): Member, Newark City Council

Future position: Booker is running for the seat that was vacated by the death of Senator Frank Lautenberg in a special election in 2013.

Polling results:
Quinnipiac, September 22, 2013
Cory Booker: 53%
Steve Lonegan: 41%
Undecided: 6%


  • Member of the Mayors Against Illegal Guns coalition
  • Doubled amount of affordable housing in Newark
  • Established Let's Move as part of Michelle Obama's initiative
  • Supports same-sex marriage
  • Believes the NSA's wiretapping is unconstitutional
  • Wants to reinstate Section IV of the Voting Rights Act
  • Supports universal pre-school
  • Supports charter schools and education reform
  • Reworked teachers union contract offers performance bonuses to effective teachers and firing ineffective teachers
  • Opposes gas and oil subsidies
  • Opposes offshore drilling
  • Supports enforcement of Clean Air and Clean Water Act
  • Pro-choice
  • Supporter of Affordable Care Act
  • Supports contraceptive prescriptions
  • Supports Barack Obama's actions with Iran
  • Supports increased trade with Africa and other impoverished countries
  • Supports re-entry systems for ex-offenders
  • Supports youth courts and veterans courts to connect specialized courts to low-level offenders
  • Supports the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act
  • Supports the Violence Against Women Act
  • Supports the Family and Medical Leave Act expansion
  • Supports increased penalties for businesses that practice wage discrimination based on gender

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