Monday, September 16, 2013

Better know a politician: Barbara Buono

Name: Barbara Buono

Political Party: Democratic (D)

Current position: New Jersey State Senator

Tenure: 2002-present

Previous position: New Jersey State General Assembly Member, 1994-2002

Future position: Buono is running as the Democratic candidate in the New Jersey gubernatorial election that is taking place in 2013 against Chris Christie.

Polling results:

Rasmussen Reports, September 11, 2013:

Chris Christie: 58%
Barbara Buono: 32%

Farleigh Dickinson, August 27, 2013

Chris Christie: 50%
Barbara Buono: 26%


  • Wants to fully fund K-12 schools according to the School Funding Act
  • Authored the School Funding Reform Act which provides equitable funding to poorer students
  • Co-sponsored the NJ STARS scholarship program which would provide scholarships to county colleges for eligible New Jersey High School students
  • Supports an increased minimum wage
  • Supports tax hikes for the wealthiest New Jersians
  • Invest in infrastructure projects including roads and highways
  • Restore New Jersey's Earned Income Tax Credit
  • Supported legislation that simplified the tax code for small business owners
  • Supported legislation that cut $4.5 billion without cutting funding for education or healthcare
  • Invest in clean energy projects
  • Restore funding for family planning services
  • Restore funding for women's health care services
  • Supports Medicaid expansion that is covered in the Affordable Care Act
  • Supports the ARC tunnel project which connects north New Jersey to New York City
  • Supports legislation that would reduce magazine capacity from 15 to 10
  • Supports closing the gun show loophole and requiring all sales beside sales between family members to go through a background check system
  • Supports legislation that requires ammunition to be sold face to face and ban sales of ammunition over the phone, internet, or mail
  • Supports same sex marriage and would not veto the bill allowing same sex marriage in New Jersey
  • Sponsored the toughest anti-bullying law
  • Supported the hate crime legislation which helped protect transgender individuals in New Jersey
  • Cosponsored a bill that would ban the practice of conversion therapy
  • Helped create the toughest "Do not call" law and database in the country
  • Sponsored legislation that would prohibit predatory lending practices
  • Voted for the legalization of marijuana
  • Supports pro-choice legislation
  • Supports a fairer way for formerly incarcerated people entering the workforce
  • Wants to restore before and after school programs
  • Promotes options that would help underwater homeowners to stay in their homes

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