Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Better know a politician: Annise Parker

Name: Annise Parker

Political Party: Democratic (D)

Current position: Mayor of Houston, Texas

Tenure: 2010-present

Previous position: City Controller, Houston, 2004-2010
Houston City Council, 1998-2004

Previous election: 2011, Houston mayoral election
Annise Parker (D): 53%
Gene Locke (R): 47%

Future position/election: Parker has announced that she will be seeking re-election in 2013 for mayor of Houston.  She has been rumored to be a candidate for the 2014 gubernatorial election in Texas.  She has not confirmed or denied that she will be running in 2014.

Polling results: Public Policy Polling, July 2, 2013

Favorable: 15%
Unfavorable: 20%
Not sure: 65%

Greg Abbott (R): 50%
Annise Parker (D): 31%
Not sure: 20%


  • Created Hire Houston First, giving grants to firms and businesses that hired Houston residents
  • Created Tweet My Jobs, Houston to help match applicants with businesses
  • Balanced budget during the recession without raising taxes or cutting employees
  • Demolished 2,000 dangerous structures that became havens for drugs and crime
  • Implemented a plan to relieve the city of its rape-kit backlog
  • Opened a sobering center for drug addicts
  • Created a pay-as-you-go for street construction and flood prevention
  • Supported a METRO rail project that would add funding for road projects and buses
  • Created a one bin for all plan that won the Bloomberg philanthropy award
  • Created the Houston B-Cycle program for biking in the city and uses 200 bicycles, so far
  • Raised percentage of renewable energy for the city to 50%
  • Supports retrofitting 262 buildings to cut energy use by 30%
  • Supports reporting undocumented immigrants to ICE but not searching for more undocumented immigrants

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