Monday, September 16, 2013

Better know a politician: Allan Fung

Name: Allan Fung

Current position: Mayor of Cranston, Rhode Island

Political party: Republican

Tenure: 2009-present

Previous position: City Councilman of Cranston 2003-2007

Future position: Fung has been mentioned as a possible candidate in the 2014 Rhode Island gubernatorial election.  He would likely be a favorite in the Republican primary to be the Republican candidate.

Previous election: Fung ran unopposed in the 2012 election.  He won the election with 98% of the vote.

Next election: Fung is up for re-election as mayor in 2014.  He is likely to run in the gubernatorial election in November of 2014.

Polling results:

Public Policy Polling, January 18, 2013

Favorable: 55%
Unfavorable: 14%
Not sure: 31%

Gina Raimondo (D): 46%
Allan Fung (R): 27%
Ken Block (Moderate party): 12%
Not sure: 14%

Angel Taveras (D): 37%
Allan Fung (R): 31%
Ken Block (M): 15%
Not sure: 17%


  • Fung has brought in 400 new jobs to Cranston, Rhode Island
  • Reduced city's operational expenses
  • Negotiated pension reform with a major union for city employees. New city employees are on the new pension plan, Fung negotiated. 
  • Raised property taxes to offset cuts in state funding

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