Saturday, September 14, 2013

Better know a politician: Abel Maldonado

Name: Abel Maldonado

Current position: None

Political party: Republican

State: California

Previous position: Lieutenant Governor of California: 2010-2011
California State Senate 15th District: 2004-2010
California State Assembly 33rd District: 1998-2004

Future position: Maldonado has announced that he will seek the Republican nomination for the 2014 California gubernatorial election.

Previous election: 2012 CA-24 Congressional election: Lois Capps (D): 55.2% Abel Maldonado: 44.8%

Next election: Maldonado's next election will be the Republican primary for the 2014 California gubernatorial election.  If he wins that, he will face the Democratic nominee in the general election.


Maldonado has bucked some Republican trends, including supporting abortion rights at some levels.  But at the same time, he has received a failing grade from Planned Parenthood for his failure to support a woman's right to get abortions.

Budget and the economy.
Maldonado was awarded the Hero of the Taxpayer while he was serving in the California State Senate.  He believes that we need to lower the personal and business tax rate.  While running for Congress, he stated that he would work to close tax loopholes and keep the tax burden down on the working people.

He has stated that the federal government should not be spending money, in order to spur economic growth.  While running for Congress, he thought that we should have a spending cap with the federal government.  Maldonado thinks that California should increase tax incentives to make sure that jobs are kept in California.  He also thinks that regulations should be cut, especially in California.  He believes that businesses want more certainty in the tax code and less regulations.

Civil rights

Maldonado was a supporter of Proposition 8 which banned same sex marriage in California.  But he has stated that he has reversed this decision because one of his cousins came out of the closet.  Maldonado is now a supporter of same sex marriage.


Maldonado supported legislation that would raise per pupil student spending in California to the national average.  He has also wanted to institute high school exit examinations, which he thinks would increase student accountability.  Maldonado rejects one size fits all solutions to education.


Maldonado voted against legislation that would allow for offshore drilling.  He has tried to implement more alternative energy in California.  He is a supporter hydrokinetic energy, solar, and wind energy.  He would like to streamline regulations for green energy companies to help create more jobs in the green energy sector.  He is also a supporter of "clean" coal and natural gas.  He was also a supporter of tapping the oil reserves to relieve Americans at the gas pump.

While Maldonado voted against the A.B. 32, California's landmark greenhouse gas reduction bill, he thought that it would cost jobs.  He asked the governor to delay the implementation for one year until research showed it would not cost jobs.

Gun control

Maldonado was one of two Republican legislators who voted in favor of the assault weapons ban in 1999.  He stated that the assault weapons were weapons of war and did not belong the streets.

Health care

Maldonado has stated that he has worked to ensure quality access to health care.  He is not in favor of Obamacare because he thinks that it is a gamble.  He is worried that Obamacare will not work out.  He actually called Obamacare a gamble.


Maldonado has been a supporter of immigration reform.  He has stated that he does not support blanket amnesty but would allow undocumented immigrants to stay provided that they pass background checks and do community service.  He has stated that he is a supporter of securing the border and would like to reform the temporary work permit program.

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