Sunday, September 1, 2013

Mainestream Republicans

While Republicans in Maine have typically been fairly moderate, they have not been immune to the overall shift to the right that the Republican party has gone through over the last few years.  Current Senior Senator of Maine, Susan Collins, is up for re-election in 2014 and she might be primary challenged.  While Senator Collins has a favorability of 57/31, she might actually face a more Conservative challenger.

Maine is a perfect example of the GOP, nationally.  When asked what political party Collins should be in, Mainers were thoroughly confused.  34% of Mainers believe that Collins belongs in the Republican party, noting the independent streak that Maine has, 33% of Mainers believe that she belongs as an Independent, and 20% believe she belongs in the Democratic party.

Who believes what about Collins?

Democrat Republican Independent Not sure
Democrats 19 41 17 10
Republicans 24 36 27 12
Independents 17 24 43 16

I thought for sure, that it would be the Republicans who believe that Collins is a RINO and cast her as a Democrat.  36% of Republicans believe that Collins is a Republican and 27% believe that she is an independent.  41% of Democrats believe that Collins belong to the Republican party.  43% of Independents believe that Collins is an independent.  Perhaps the independents in Maine, fancy themselves as Collinsesque.  
According to the polling results, 48% of Republicans in Maine would like to nominate someone more conservative than Collins and 47% believe they should nominate Collins, again.  This is led by the very conservative Republicans, of which, 75% believe they should nominate someone more conservative than Collins.  This is not surprising. I can definitely see a Tea Party national group or another Conservative national group might put up some money to primary Collins prior to 2014.  The good news for Collins is that she would get elected, regardless.

Beyond that, 54% of Maine Republicans support impeaching President Obama.  This is also led by the very conservative wing of the party, 74% of the very conservative wing support impeaching Obama.  The somewhat Conservative wing has 49% of them supporting the impeachment.  The moderate wing and somewhat conservative try to balance it out, a bit.  But it is a little troubling that a majority of a political party believe that the president should be impeached. 

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