Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Better know a politician: Steve Pearce

Name: Steve Pearce

Position: Congressman

District: New Mexico's 2nd Congressional District (NM-2)

Political Party: Republican (R)

Tenure: 2011-present (previously served 2003-2008)

Previous position(s): New Mexico House of Representatives (1996-2000), U.S. House of Representatives (2003-2008)

Future position: Pearce ran unsuccessfully for the U.S. Senate in 2000 and in 2008.  There is an outside possibility that he would run again in 2014.  Although his age may prevent him from making a serious run.

Next election: 2014, U.S. House of Representatives

Leadership: House Committee on Financial Services

Fundraising (2014 cycle) Source: OpenSecrets:

Raised: $298,516
Spent: $139,412
Cash on hand: $758,031

Top contributors:
1. Strata Production $6,200
2. Glenn's Water Well $5,200
3. Winn Investments $5,200

Recent elections:
2012: Steve Pearce (R) 59% Evelyn Madrid Erhard 41%
2010: Steve Pearce (R) 55% Harry Teague 45%
2008 Senate: Tom Udall (D): 61% Steve Pearce (R): 39%
2006: Steve Pearce (R): 59% Al Kissling (D): 40%
2004: Steve Pearce (R): 60% Gary King (D): 40%
2002: Steve Pearce (R): 56% John Arthur Smith (D): 44%


Abortion.  Pearce is 100% pro-life.  He has voted on banning federal health coverage that includes abortion.  He has voted against stem cell research, multiple times.  He received a 100% rating from the NRLC and a 0% from the NARAL which indicates his pro-life stance.  He has worked to try to pass laws that establish that human life and rights begin at fertilization or cloning.  He has also tried to grant the pre-born under the 14th Amendment.

Animal Rights/Welfare.  Pearce received a 0% rating from the Humane Society which indicates that he has a anti-animal welfare record.

Budget.  He voted against all of the bailouts as he believes that government spending cannot stimulate the economy.  He has been a vocal critic of the stimulus programs calling the recovery program anemic and weak.  He believes the best way to create jobs would be to cut spending as much as they possibly can.  He has demanded a balanced budget amendment.  He has also been supportive of the balanced budget amendment to the Constitution.  He voted for the Paul Ryan Budget/

He does not support cutting defense spending in his quest to balance the budget.  He believes the rise of radical Islam and combating it is the generation's greatest struggle, as such, we need to equip our troops as best we can.  He stated that he made a promise to protect our troops, no matter what.

He does not support a tax increase on any tax bracket to help balance the budget.  He believes, currently, that we are taxing too much and he has voted against any tax increases.  He has stated that he would consistently vote against any tax increase as long as he is in Congress.

Civil Rights.  He has stated that he would stand up for traditional marriage.  He has supported an amendment to prevent same-sex marriage and has voted for establishing a Constitutional Amendment to define marriage between one man and one woman.  He has also signed on as a co-sponsor to H.J. Res. 51, the newest attempt to create a Constitutional Amendment defining marriage.  He has also voted against prohibiting employee discrimination of sexual orientation and identity.  He has been given a 0% rating by the Human Rights Campaign, indicating that he is anti-gay-rights.

He voted for the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act.  He has been given a 28% rating from the NAACP indicating that he has a anti-affirmative action stance.

He has voted to protect the Pledge of Allegiance and voted against making the courts decide whether or not the word "God" should be in the Pledge of Allegiance.  He also voted to have a Constitutional Amendment that would ban flag burning.


Pearce has worked hard to reduce regulations on businesses in his attempt to appease corporations.  He has also voted against allowing shareholders to vote for executive compensation.


Pearce has been rated at -20 by NORML which indicates that he is a hard-on-drugs politician.


Pearce believes that the standards for schools should be raised.  He believes that raising the standards and increasing choices for parents and children will help reform the education movement.  Because of these statements, it looks as if he is a supporter of charter schools and their ideals.


Pearce is a fierce advocate for nuclear power.  He believes that we need to have more nuclear production because it is cheap, clean, and ready now.  He has also worked to set aside 6.4 million acres i New Mexico for solar panels.

He wants to open up the continental shelf for oil drilling and believes that there should be more drilling offshore.  He has voted to end the oil drilling moratorium.  He has voted to schedule the construction of more oil refineries.  He also voted ys on the Bush-Cheney national energy policy.

He has not supported renewable energy.  He has voted against providing tax incentives for renewable electricity and has not supported investing in biofuels.  He has also voted to bar the EPA from regulating greenhouse gas.  Because of his policies and stances he has been named as one of the Dirty Dozen, targeting him for his anti-environmental record.

Foreign Policy

He has voted to reduce funding for the United Nations from the United States.  Doing so, would fundamentally change the structure of the United Nations.

He voted in favor of including Iraq in the War on Terror, meaning that we could deploy troops without an exit date.  He has voted against removing troops from Afghanistan.  He voted against investigating George W. Bush for the deployment of troops into Iraq.  He has also voted to bar armed forces in Libya without Congress.

Free Trade

He voted against assisting workers who lost their jobs due to globalization.  While he does support some of the free trade agreements, such as the Central American Free Trade Agreement, Singapore free trade agreement, and Chile free trade agreement.  He did not support the free trade agreement with Australia.

Gun Control

Pearce has an A rating from the NRA, indicating his pro-2nd Amendment stance.  He opposes restrictions to bearing firearms.  He voted to ban gun registration and trigger locks in Washington, DC.  He praised the Supreme Court after their decision in D.C. v. Heller.

Health care

Pearce voted against the Affordable Care Act.  He has voted multiple times to repealing Obamacare and will continue to vote in favor of repealing a law that he thinks takes away people's freedoms.  He has also voted against expanding Children's Health Insurance Program to cover millions more children.  He has actually stated that he would oppose any government-run healthcare system.


Pearce is against the Senate led, Gang of Eight Immigration Reform bill.  He opposes any bill that would grant amnesty to any undocumented immigrants.  He believes that amnesty would just create more illegal immigrants.  He does believe that guest workers should be allowed a path to citizenship.  He believes that we should enforce our current immigration laws and instruct undocumented immigrants who are here to go back to their country of origin.


Pearce has received a 0% rating from the AFL-CIO indicating his anti-union stance.  He voted against raising the minimum wage in the past and voted not to restrict employer interference in union organizing.


He has voted to stop federal funding of National Public Radio.  He has also voted to ban internet gambling by credit card.


He has voted to maintain the work requirements for welfare recipients.  He also voted to extend unemployment benefits from 39 benefits to 59 benefits.

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