Friday, August 23, 2013

Better know a politician: John Delaney

Name: John Delaney

Position: Congressman

District: Maryland's 6th Congressional District (MD-6)

Political Party: Democratic

Previous Position: Co-founder of Health Care Financial Partners and CapitalSource

Tenure: 2013-present

Future position: Delaney could potentially run for Senate as one of the younger and less experienced members of the Maryland Congressional Delegation.  If you combine his political career and his business experience, Delaney could be a nice potential choice for the Democratic party in Maryland if that's the route they want to go.  The earliest election for the Senate seat in Maryland would be 2016.

Previous election: John Delaney: 59% Roscoe Bartlett: 38%

Next election: House, November 2014

Leadership: Committee on Financial Services
Joint Economic Committee

Fundraising, 2014 cycle, source: OpenSecrets:

Raised: $325,279
Spent: $157,092
Cash on hand: $171,317
Debts: $618,675

Top contributors:
1. Exelon Corp: $9,000
2. American Bankers Association: $7,000
3. Constellation: $6,500


Abortion.  Delaney considers himself pro-choice.  He supports pro-choice legislation and believes that the Republican war on women is infringing on women's constitutional rights to choose.  He supports public funding for abortion services and actually supports churches giving out birth control

Budget/Economy.  Delaney believes that we need to have targeted spending cuts in our defense spending as long as they do not affect our national security.

Delaney believes that the Bush tax cuts should expire for the wealthy and that we should limit the deductions and benefits for the wealthiest Americans.  Delaney is one of the most wealthy members of Congress.  His net worth is in between $45 million and nearly $250 million.  He believes that we should extend payroll tax cuts for working families.

He supported the federal stimulus spending and believes that the government can help out with the building of the economy.

Civil Rights.

Delaney supports same sex marriage.  After the Proposition 8 ruling by the Supreme Court, he stated that he agreed that laws against same sex marriage are a violation of our equal protection laws.  He stated that he would be an ally for the LGBT community.  He is a co-sponsor of H.R. 1755, the Employee Non-Discrimination Act of 2013 which would prohibit employer discrimination based on sexual identity or orientation.

He voted in favor reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act and has worked to help enforce agianst wage discrimination based on gender.  He was also endorsed as preferred by the Feminist Majority.


Delaney may be a supporter of charter schools as he believes that the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship would provide more choices for parents.  Usually, when people use the words like choice with regards to education, they mean charter schools.  But the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship provides scholarships to low-income children to attend a private school.  He actually opposes school vouchers.


He was endorsed by the League of Conservation Voters in the 2012 general election.  He has stated his support for a revenue-neutral national carbon tax.  He is also in favor of the EPA regulating greenhouse gas emissions.

Gun Control

Delaney supports increased background checks, tough enforcement procedures, and common-sense limitations to help reduce gun violence.  He does not support infringing on 2nd Amendment rights.

Health Care

Delaney is an avid supporter of Obamacare.  He has stated that it ensures that all Americans will have adequate access to health care.  He has stated multiple times that he opposes Obamacare and would fight any attempt to repeal Obamacare.


He is a supporter of the DREAM Act and would like to see those who have had education in the United States to be able to have a conditional path to citizenship.  He is in favor of some paths to citizenship including that is in the DREAM Act.

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