Tuesday, June 4, 2013

There's something about Christie

Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey has been a favorite for Democrats to run for the Republican Party.  His favorability among Democrats has consistently been higher with Democrats and moderates than it has been with Republicans.  Never has this been more evident, then the war chest Christie is building for a maybe Presidential run in 2016.  Even reliable Republican punching bags like George Soros have been throwing money at Governor Christie.  Even donors from the normally liberal California-Berkeley are starting to give money to the "moderate" Christie.

But why?

Christie vetoed same sex marriage.

Christie said that teacher unions are the problem.  Presumably, one could throw most unions into that category. Although, not even the "most liberal" President in history is a big friend with teacher unions.  Go ahead and figure out which presidential candidate in 2012 wanted charter schools.  I dare you.

He supported a measure to cut universal pre-k from a full day to a half day.  Even though, a "fiscal conservative", like a Republican could see that a $1 invested in pre-k typically returns anywhere from $1.80 to $17.07, according to the RAND corporation.  He called universal pre-k, government baby-sitting. Sure. If you're getting a return on your babysitting.

Christie supported the Paul Ryan budget despite the problems that I've highlighted multiple times before.  Basic things, like it's based on a flawed study, repeals Obamacare but keeps the revenues, etc.

Christie rejected an original plan by Jersey Democrats to raise minimum wage and index it to inflation.  Instead, he wanted to scrap the cost of living increases and raise it by $1, if it's phased in over the next three years. Too progressive of you, really.

Christie called legislation that would have offset the gender wage gap and entailed equal pay for equal work. But meh. That's senseless bureuacracy.  Meanwhile, his friend in the state senate called it a trial lawyers' bill.

He slashed the earned income tax credit by 25%.  Something Ronald Reagan called an equalizer for poor people. He cut FamilyCare which provided health care to the poor. He grabbed $200 million that was supposed to be used for affordable housing to help balance the state budget. Balancing the budget, apparently, helps out the poor more than helping out with housing. 

Christie vetoed a bill that would have restored $7.5 million to family planning clinics that provide birth control and health screenings to women. Christie mentioned that New Jersey can't fund every program.

Moreover, if you're a "Blue Dog" Democrat, it's difficult to support Christie. 

He's spending close to $24 million to essentially have the special election a few weeks before the gubernatorial election.  This is money that could have been spent on family planning clinics.  The $24 million is slightly misleading, as regardless of the timing of the election, there would have been a cost of $11 million or so.

Christie also used a $2,500/hour helicopter ride for personal business.  He refused to reimburse the state for such excursions.  This isn't exactly a problem but is just kind of a dickish move from a fiscal conservative.

(H/T to Political Carnival)

This has nothing to do with anything else:

Christie, a member of the party who brags about individual responsibility, had lap band surgery.  I have my own problems with weight and so do members of my family.  None of my family members have had surgery.  We eat less and exercise more. If this doesn't work, we can't elect to have special surgery to beat it. It may be a stretch to link the decision, politically, I understand.

But all of this, should be enough to convince you that Christie isn't a friend to the progressive cause, if that's what you were looking for.  Christie may be better than other options from the Republican party.  Essentially, you're just picking out American light beers at that point. Good luck.

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