Thursday, May 16, 2013


I'm not going to write about the "scandals" affecting the White House.  Here are my reasons.

1) I still have no idea what the hell is the scandal with Benghazi.  Nobody has ever explained why changing the talking points is a big deal.

2) The information for the Benghazi e-mails have apparently have been altered by Republican publications. 

3) The mention of Benghazi gets everyone excited without knowing what's going on.  Apparently, quite a few of the Republicans claiming Benghazi is a bigger scandal than Watergate can't say where Benghaz is.

4) Every single 501 (c)(4) that focuses on political activities or runs political ads should be investigated. 

5) The only 501(c)(4) that was denied 501(c)(4) status was a liberal/progressive group.

6) There's not that much proof of what was happening with the other 2/3 of 501(c)(4)'s that weren't Tea Party/Patriot/9/12 groups.  But only a third of the delayed groups were Tea Party groups.

7) 501(c)(4) applications grew dramatically after the ruling of Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission.  They grew for a good reason and were investigated for an even better reason.

8) The spying of the Associated Press phones is not illegal but it definitely is immoral.

9) People were complaining about stopping the leaks before these LEGAL searches were happening.

10) The Republican Party, including Darrell Issa, voted against a law that might prevent this type of situation.

If those reasons make me biased, so be it.  The one that bothers me the most is the AP spying.  I definitely see that it is immoral even if it is not illegal.  Sorry.

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