Friday, April 12, 2013

Conspiring against you: Introduction

There are so many things that we, ourselves, do not control.  Some of these events become tragedies of enormous magnitude.  Because we cannot control them, we often look to find a reason behind these events.  We look at things after the event and we try to cobble together a reason.  It's the reason why so many people say that Nostradamus predicted an event, even though they were silent before the event occurred. 

Conspiracy theories are popular with a lot of people who want to believe that organizations or people are more powerful than they really are.  This idea that there are these all-powerful organizations is somewhat comforting.  Why haven't you succeeded?  Well, because the Illuminati doesn't want me too.  Or why didn't the person I support get elected?  The lizard people are the only ones who can get elected.  Why did September 11 happen?  Well, it's because of the government. 

As you can tell by my tone, I am not partial to believe in conspiracy theories.  I believe the internet has inspired way too many people to believe in things they normally wouldn't have considered.  Why do people believe in conspiracy theories?  I'm not sure of the exact answer but I thinnk a lot of it has to do with the comfort of believing something that can explain everything.  A conspiracy theory ultimately wants to explain the unexplicable and make the claims seem plausible enough that you would be crazy not to believe them. 

We'll look at a few things over the next couple of days/posts about conspiracy theories so that maybe you will be able to speak about them if they come up. 

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