Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Log Cabin Republicans

The last time I mentioned the Log Cabin Republicans, I was critical of them because of their choice to endorse Mitt Romney and to be, in my opinion, overly critical of Chuck Hagel.  But with CPAC happening, a lot of outlets decided to make the erroneous claim that the Log Cabin Republicans were banned.  The executive director of the Log Cabin Republicans stated in an op-ed piece for The Daily Caller that they were not invited.  In that same op-ed, Gregory Angelo, the executive director of the Log Cabin Republicans, states that the slight majority of Republicans under 30 actually support same-sex marriage (51%).  This is a trend that is growing, younger people are becoming more and more open to same-sex marriage, while by and large, the people who are against it are older.  Angelo warns the American Conservative Union and CPAC that "[if they continue] to pursue a mantra of exclusion and use CPAC to showcase individuals who believe gay conservatives have no business being a part of the greater conservative movement, they should know they do so at their own peril — and at the cost of alienating the next generation of American conservatives."

Maybe I won't be so critical of the Log Cabin Republicans, next time.

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