Monday, March 18, 2013

Jeff Frazee: Who is that?

On Saturday, March 16, the Conservative Political Action Conference ended. Despite my fervent wishes, I was not invited to speak or go to the conference for free. But what all happened? Did anything relevant happen?

Well, here's a list of the speakers

So, for the next couple of posts, I might try to give you as much information as possible about this conference to see if it strikes your fancy. If not, oh well.

I took a look at the various speakers at the list and decided to write about each of the people who was speaking at the conference. One of these people were Jeff Frazee. Frazee is the president of Young Americans for Liberty (YAL). YAL is a libertarian group, seemingly focused on getting younger people involved in the Libertarian movement. A lot of that focus seems to be on the college campus. I could not find Frazee talking at the conference but there is an interview I found

It's interesting if you're a libertarian or have thought about embracing that political philosophy. It's interesting to see how the Republican party simultaneously embraces certain ideas of the Libertarian philosophy in their rhetoric while condemning other parts. This was on full display at CPAC in 2010 where Frazee was told he was an enemy for supporting GOProud a gay Republican organization that was a co-sponsor of the event.

If the Republican party moves towards the middle on social issues, it will, likely embrace more of the Libertarian philosophies, which will certainly be appealing to those who have worked in the grassroots part of the party.

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