Monday, March 18, 2013

Illinois and Bloomberg

There’s another special election coming up in April in Illinois.  The primaries were held in February and to be honest with you, I missed them.  The general special election will be held on April 9, which coincides with the municipal general elections.  You know who didn’t forget about the 2nd Congressional District primary?  Mayor Michael Bloomberg.  Bloomberg’s Independence USA PAC spent nearly $2 million in the primary on behalf of state Representative Robin Kelly. The ads blasted one of Kelly’s opponents for supporting the NRA.  This isn’t likely to win him any favors with those who think he is ruining the country.  Debbie Halvorson, the opponent, had an A+ rating with the NRA, which did not help her in the heavily leaning Democratic district.  The ads highlighted the difference between the candidates and steered many to vote for Kelly.  Because of how the district leans, heavily Democratic, Kelly is the likely favorite when the general election comes around on April 9.  Mayor Bloomberg will likely not have to spend near as much money on this campaign as before.  If you talk to people about, even local, elections they’ll cite that Bloomberg and his PAC are injecting millions of dollars into races that probably don’t deserve that kind of money spent.  In Los Angeles, Bloomberg’s PAC spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on school board races to help the people he wants to get elected.  If this continues, Bloomberg is going to become a major player in electoral politics, if he is not, already.

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