Thursday, March 7, 2013

Abortion issues since the 2012 election: Michigan

I'm going through all of the issues since the 2012 election and seeing what's been going on since then.  I looked at Arkansas last time.  This time, I'll look at Michigan.

Michigan's biggest law was HB 5711.  The law requires any facility that performs 120 or more abortions per year and publicly advertises outpatient abortion services must be licensed as a freestanding surgical outpatient facility  This includes annual licensing fee, structural building regulations, and regular inspections. 

There are certain new requirements for the physician or physician's assistant. The physician or physician's assistant must determine some information at least 24 hours prior to the abortion.  The physician or physician's assistant must determine if the patient has been coerced into the procedure and the age of the fetus.

The physician or physician's assistant must also tell the patient the age of the fetus, what to do in case medical complications arise and how to obtain pregnancy prevention information from the Department of Community Health.  Also, the patient mut receive some written information.  This includes a written description of the procedure and the fetus at this age.  The patient, also, should receive a pamphlet from the Department of Community Health on prenatal care and parenting information.

The physician or physician's assistant cannot perform or prescribe an abortion without physically examining the patient.

The fetus, if it is 10 weeks or older, must be disposed of with a burial, cremation, or incineration unless the patient has written consent for research on the remains.

The first part of this law is wonderfully written.  It attacks the abortion debate, not typically, where the debate happens.  By making the regulations and requirements, some service providers will be stretched to get to these requirements, if they stay open, for long.  This, of course, leaves it open to some loopholes, such as people not adverising their outpatient abortion services.

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