Monday, February 18, 2013

What the gun control debate is REALLY about

With the gun control debate heating up, it's important to take a step back and look at what the gun control debate is really about.  Some might claim that it's about safety or others might callously mock them and say that it's about taking rights away from law abiding gun owners.  But that's missing the point. 

Clearly, Barack Obama has received the prophecy of Rob Bowman.  He is doing his best to fulfill it.  You think gun control is merely about safety or taking away constitutional rights?  You are so wrong.  You probably think Barack Obama was born in Kenya (when he was clearly forged in the mountains of Mordor.) 

You may scoff at the idea of dragons rising up to take over the world.  But you clearly are sheep who only believe the mainstream media who want you to believe that dragons aren't going to take over the world.

But consider these questions.  I'm just asking questions.

1. Why didn't Barack Obama mention dragons once in his State of the Union speech?  Dragons are everywhere.  Evidenced by the fact that every culture has the myth of dragons engrained in their culture.

2. Why do movie truth experts such as Andrew, Josh, and Garret believe that Reign of Fire is clearly coming to fruition?  This should be obvious to everyone.

3. The same government that has hid who actually shot JFK, Bobby Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jr., etc. are obviously hiding something when it comes to guns.  Who do you think is melting the icecaps, global warming?  That's just what they want you to think.

4. Why do you think 13 of the 15 hottest years on record are in the last 15 years?  The dragons are clearly getting more and more powerful.  They are ready to pounce on the unarmed citizens of the world.  Just look at the United Nations treaty, they want everyone to be unarmed so that they can attack without fear of any resistance.

5. Why do you think I have dreams where dragons attack me?  They are clearly getting in my head and wanting me to feel unsafe.  And I do.  I feel unsafe here.  Because President Obama is allowing these dragons to populate, thrive, and eventually attack unarmed citizens.  Luckily, we have about 10 years to prepare ourselves for the coming attack.  Don't believe the media lies about how the gun debate is about safety or constitutional rights.  They're all in the conspiracy to allow dragons to attack us.

I will be building my bunker to protect myself. 

Note: This post is obvious satire.  But still fun to write.

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