Friday, February 1, 2013

Some Rhode Island Polls

Quick, name a politician from Rhode Island. If you can, congratulations. If you can’t, you’ll understand why this post is not going to be as long as any of the three posts on Texas’s polls.

Lincoln Chafee, current governor of Rhode Island, is one of the most unpopular governors in the country, according to Public Policy Polling. His approval ratings are 33/59. That puts him in next to last place behind Illinois governor Pat Quinn. In the hypothetical matchups Public Policy Polling loves, Chafee fares poorly. It’s unlikely, according to these polls, that Chafee would even be the Democratic nominee for governor again. 35% of Democratic primary voters would vote for Gina Raimondo as their candidate, 22% would vote for Chafee. Overall, 57% of voters do not want Chafee to seek re-election. Raimondo appears to be the early favorite as she leads each of the hypothetical matchups. Angel Taveras also has strong numbers, but just doesn’t fare as well as Raimondo in the matchups. Don’t fear, Republicans. You still have a chance to be competitive. Your top two candidates Allan Fung and Brendan Doherty have strong approval ratings and appear to be popular. It will be interesting to see how it shakes out but as of right now, Raimondo is the favorite.
Rhode Island also supports legalizing gay marriage. 57% support it while only 36% are opposed. This has changed since February 2011 when it was 50/41. 85% of voters support civil unions. So, there’s that. The national movement towards legalized gay marriage is reflected in the changes in Rhode Island.

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