Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Public Policy Polling: National Poll

I'm behind on a few polls. I'm also behind on presidential power rankings. The Republican presidential power rankings will be up on Monday of next week. I'm running a week long series on immigration reform with a series of short posts comparing Obama's plans to the Gang of Eight's plans. There will be a few longer pieces running, too.

New national poll from Public Policy Polling.

NRA losing political muscle: According to Public Policy Polling's National Poll, 39% of voters say that they will be less likely to vote for someone who has the NRA endorsement compared to 26% who say that they are more likely to. 32% say it doesn't matter either way. Likely those 26% who are more likely to are fanatics about it. You probably know some of those 26% who jump at you anytime you say anything negative about the NRA or guns.

Supporting weapons ban: According to Public Policy Polling, 53% of voters support stricter gun laws in the United States. 39% are opposed to them. This is similar to what they found last month. The support for stricter gun laws does not seem to be dying. 51% of voters are supportive of an assault weapons ban while 42% are opposed. Most of the people who support it are Democrats but 26% of Republicans also support it.

Congressional Republicans getting some love: Their approval rating has improved to 22/68. It's not very high, but certainly an improvement over 15/75, a month ago.

Congressional Democrats are less hated: Their approval is 39/53. The generic Congressional ballot is tied 45/45. Republicans are rallying back around their party. When asked if they would support the GOP if the election was held today 89% of Republicans said they would, with 6% saying they wouldn't, compared to 81/11 a month ago.

Obama's approval: It's pretty closely divided 49/48. So, yea. There's that.

Hagel: Voters narrowly support Hagel's confirmation of Secretary of Defense, 39/33. 28% don't know/care. People don't generally care about politics unless an election is happening.

Immigration reform: 64% of voters, nationally, think that illegal immigrants should be given a chance to apply for legal citizenship compared to 27% who think that they should be deported to their home countries. This is close to what was found during the exit polls. Yet, we still like to say that is an appeal to get Latino voters.

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