Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Polls Montana

Public Policy Polling did their polling in Montana. We’ll look at the results.

Democratic governor Steve Bullock is off to a good start in Montana. His favorability is 43/18. Almost all of that comes from Democrats, where he holds a 81/2 edge. A little less than half (47%) of Republicans have formed an opinion on him. This suggests a wait and see approach to judging the governor. Democratic Senator Jon Tester’s favorability is split at 45. This falls in line with the 2012 Senate election, Tester survived with 49% of the vote over 45% over his Republican challenger.
Barack Obama is not very popular there. His favorability is 43/55. This is slightly better than Hillary Clinton (44/48). Unlike most other states that have been polled, Clinton does not do well in hypothetical 2016 matchups. She trails Marco Rubio by 8 points and Paul Ryan by 7.
Montana has their own favorite son that they want to run, former governor Brian Schweitzer. Schweitzer is tied with Rubio at 46 and trails Paul Ryan by 4 points. Schweitzer is quite popular in his home state. If he chose to run, he might make it competitive.
43% of Montanians think gay marriage should be legalized compared to 49% who do not. But when asked to include civil unions, 64% of them said that gay couples should have, civil unions, at least compared to 33% who stated that there should be no legal recognition.

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