Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Politics and fun in North Carolina

Public Policy Polling does polls on all sorts of things when they do their polls.  It's fun to look at everything. 

In North Carolina, the governor is a Republican, so is the state legislature, as a whole.  They're starting to get mighty unpopular.  Governor Pat McCrory's honeymoon as governor is not lasting long.  His net favorability rating took a major hit.  Falling from +26 to +14.  It's not just the governor as the state legislature there is at 40/49.  Legislative Republicans fall to 33/49.  These are not great numbers for Republicans there.

A lot of the issue seems to stem from a raise McCrory decided to give his cabinet.  An 8% increase, in fact.  Only 11% of voters support the pay increases with 82% opposing them.  The government in North Carolina decreased the amount of money for unemployed workers to $350 per week, a move that is largely unpopular.  39% of voters support the change while 50% oppose.  41% of voters favored reducing the amount of time unemployed workers could receive these benefits, to six weeks.  48% of voters disapproved. Governor McCrory made some comments about chaning the public university system.  It would focus on studies that prove to get their graduates jobs.  He tossed a few jabs at liberal arts studies and some are concerned with it.  26% of voters agreed with McCrory's statements.  32% disagreed.

North Carolinians, like other states who were polled, favor an assault weapons ban 51/41.  They also stricter gun laws 54/40.  Other states polled so far, agree.  Making both the assault weapons ban and stricter gun laws a popular choice from now on.  It likely would not be "political suicide" like some people believe.  But what is surprising from these numbers is that the NRA is slightly favorable there, at a 45/42 margin.

During the presidential primaries, North Carolinians decided to adopt a state amendment prohibiting same-sex marriages.  And civil unions, too. Oh well.  I always wondered about the legality of this.  I assumed that it was pushed through then so that less people would vote on it.  It's generally easier to pass unpopular legislation or elect unpopular people if there's less people.  Alas, it does not matter. 38% of voters think same-sex marriage should be legal compared to 54% who say it should be illegal.  While it's a slight increase, it probably doesn't matter much.  But, now 63% of voters support civil unions, at least, as compared to 37% who say there should be no legal recognition.  That's an increase of 8% since they last checked.

73% of North Carolinians want President Obama to give Dean Smith the presidential medal of freedom.  Smith was found to be the 2nd most admired figure in the state behind only Reverend Billy Graham.  Smith transcends party lines as 76% of Democrats and Republicans think he should get it.  72% of Duke fans think he should get it.

Well, University of North Carolina may be struggling in basketball, relative to its standards, but they are still more popular to North Carolinians than their hated rival, Duke.  47% of North Carolinians support UNC over Duke while 26% said Duke.  This is the largest spread in the history of Public Policy Polling.

35% of North Carolinians want the Charlotte Bobcats given back their proper name of the Hornets.  While only 20% oppose it. 

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