Friday, February 15, 2013

More Alaskan Polls

More news from Alaska:

Hillary Clinton could be competitive in Alaska if she decided to run for the presidency in 2016. Her favorability is 47/45. Clinton leads Marco Rubio by a point and trails Chris Christie by a point in a hypothetical matchup. Clinton would destroy Sarah Palin, in the unlikely possibility that it happened, 53/37. Clinton is the most popular politician in the country and makes plenty of states that vote Republican lean to her. According to the polls, if she ran, it could turn out to be a sweep in the United States. She either leads or is trailing within the +/- in almost every state.

Sarah Palin is so unpopular. How unpopular is she? 16% of Alaskans think she run in 2016. Only 18% of Republicans want her to run. Congress has an 8% favorability in Alaska. But when asked if they prefer Congress or Palin, 50% of Alaskans pick Congress over Palin (50/34).

Longtime Republican congressman Don Young has a 50/40 approval rating. He leads a hypothetical matchup against Scott McAdams 54/37. He doesn't appear to have trouble for his seat.

Republican Lisa Murkowski is one of the most popular Senators in the country. Despite having to be a write-in candidate a few years back. She is, strangely, most popular with Democrats (59/25). She has a majority approval among Republicans (51/38) and Independents (52/33), too.

Alaskans don't support same-sex marriage. 43% say it should be legal while 51% think it should be illegal. But 67% of Alaskans think that same sex couples should have legal recognition, such as civil unions, compared to 30% who don't think they should have legal recognition, at all.

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