Friday, February 22, 2013

Lousianian polls

Public Policy Polling, as usual, had some funs with their polls in Louisiana.

In Lousiana, only 29% of voters think same-sex marriage should be legal compared to 59% who don't.  But 54% of voters think that civil unions should be allowed, opposed to 41% of voters who think that there should be no legal recognition for same sex couples.  This, apparently, is quite common in Southern states to want to ban gay marriage but allow civil unions.

Drew Brees is one of the most popular figures they've ever polled on.  His favorability is 86/4.  I bet Jindal would want those kind of numbers.  Hell, any politician would want those numbers, somewhere. 59% of voters thought Bountygate was inappropriate while 60% thought the punishment was too strict.  Roger Goodell has a favorability of 17/42. 

24% of people in Louisiana want Jindal to run for the presidency. 66% say he should not.  Only 35% of Republicans would like him to run in 2016.  The favorite for Republican presidential hopefuls is Marco Rubio at 21%.  Jindal finishes third at 14%.  Mike Huckabee is second at 18%.  Hillary Clinton could be competitive in Louisiana, her favorability is 46/44.  She leads Jindal and Rubio by three points in hypothetical matchups and ties Paul Ryan.

Public Policy Polling also did some historical polling. 

In a rematch of the 1991 gubernatorial race, Public Policy Polling found that Edwin Edwards would beat David Duke by a much larger margin, this time.  Apparently, he would win 62/15.  His favorability is 42/44 in the state.  Edwards who spent time in prison has a higher favorability than Bobby Jindal or Barack Obama.

38% of Louisianians have no opinion of Huey Long.  But those who do know him view him positively, 36/26.

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