Monday, February 11, 2013

Immigration reform: Verifying employment and preventing fraud

Verifying employment:
Barack Obama: Increase the penalties for hiring undocumented workers and new penalties for committing fraud or identity theft. Electronic employment verification will be phased in over the next five years with exemptions for certain small businesses. Also creates a labor-law enforcement fund to help ensure that industries that employ lots of immigrants comply with labor laws.
Gang of Eight: Also calls for a mandatory employment verification system. Employers that knowingly hire undocumented immigrants would face stiff fines and criminal penalties for egregious offenses.
General notes: I’m reminded of something Wayne LaPierre likes to say. No, not that. But he does like to say that we should enforce the laws we already have before we create new laws. Additionally, I enjoy how small businesses are brought up. Americans love small businesses. It’s a very popular empty phrase. It doesn’t mean much, I’m sorry.
Preventing fraud:
Barack Obama: Mandates a new social security card that is fraud-resistant and tamper-resistant. He would also require workers to use fraud and tamper resistant documents to prove that they are eligible to work in the United States. He would also establish a new pilot program which would evaluate new methods of authenticating identity and combating identity theft.
Gang of Eight: Also would require workers to prove eligibility through electronic non-forgeable means but would not require a new social security card.
General notes: Sounds fairly similar. I wonder how ridiculous the new social security cards would be. They sound amazing.

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